So I'm teaching an undergraduate class in the fall, and I had someone apply to enroll in the course despite it being at capacity. He'll probably be a great student (lots of professional experience in my field), but I worry about getting in trouble for letting too many people in my course, even if people drop out after syllabus week.

Should I let him in or no?

Guess who just learned he's teaching an undergrad course in the fall? 😬😬😬

Grad school stuff 

Moon posting 

So good news, I'm not grading undergrad papers this semester. Better news, I'm helping restructure a core class for the undergraduate journalism program!

Hello, everyone!

I'm a graduate student in journalism at Ohio University. I'm currently focusing on data reporting, internet law and non-fiction production (see the documentaries that Vox and its subsidiaries make.)

I've had previous professional experience at The New York Times and Cleveland Scene Magazine, and I was also a finalist for a AEJMC research paper competition during my time in undergrad.

Also, I really love baseball and collect baseball cards.

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