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A re-, since it's been a while! I'm Abbie, I'm currently an in Michigan researching black holes and neutron stars, but I'm changing tracks to outreach management and/or management! Interacting with people and communicating to non-STEM audiences have always been my primary motivators, and I'm so excited to align my career with that. I also love edu, sci/tech for creative projects, , and 😊

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It'd be a real pity if some hackers got into Crisis Pregnancy Centers and wiped their databases and records, since that data will very likely be used to prosecute people for seeking abortions and other repro healthcare.

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Today's SCOTUS decision, in my eyes, essentially means the end to a requirement that patients consent to medical procedures.

Here's my rationale: one of the standard analogies is to imagine that you wake up one morning and discover that you're attached via tubes and wires to another adult human being, who is in a coma. These tubes and wires are providing nutrients to and waste disposal from this other human being; you are expected to consume additional nutrients and process additional waste on their behalf. You must bring this person wherever you go for nine months; at that point they will wake up and you will be freed. If you disconnect yourself before that, the person you were attached to will die.

Today's SCOTUS decision says that you don't have a right to disconnect yourself from that person; if you consented in the first place, you don't have the right to withdraw that consent, and if you didn't consent and the attachment was forced on you, then you still don't have the right to pull yourself away. Once you are attached, your right to self-determination ends.

(This is a vile decision on every front, but even if you are not and will never be in a position to have an abortion, this decision affects you, and you should be aware of that.)

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For the love of fuck, please CW these things. Today of all days.

A lot of us are scared shitless right now and CWs help us engage with current events in a safer manner, on our own terms and in our own time.

Thank you.

Testicle-havers of the Fediverse who've had a vasectomy, please tell me about your experience during and after

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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is a little, seemingly empty, patch of the sky in the Southern Hemisphere. Astronomers first pointed the Hubble Telescope at it for a full 11 days back in 2003, and just let the light trickle in. Since then, a number of follow-up campaigns have added infrared and ultraviolet light to the original observations. The result is stunning!

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Different take on today: What's the coolest event or program you've been to at an art/science museum?

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also i like that when we see future earth cities, they aren't just sleek buildings, there's also a lot of greenery. very solarpunk

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your toots are important to us. please stay on the timeline and your toots will be replyguyed by the next available shitposter

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Nova is *exhausted* from a day of swimswams in the big lake.

But! I have a lot to learn about the museum world! Any museum people on here I can follow and learn from?

I’ve ordered a shit ton of books about informal ed and outreach and communication, since I’ll always be an academic at heart 😂 and now, a much happier one who’s excited for the future.

(We can save rants on mental health in academia, publishing in academia, and job stability/hierarchy/workers rights for another day)

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I’m staying on the STROBE-X steering committee (a proposed future X-ray space telescope) as their Education and Public Outreach point person and on the JWST collaborations for observing black hole jets as a data and software person, and I’ll still be the release manager for Stingray software ( time-domain analysis software).

I’m revamping my website for asto/physics/STEM public speaking and science advising gigs, and those will fit even better into my overall career path now?!

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I’ve been doing formal and informal science outreach and education for like 10 years alongside my research career, and I AM SO THRILLED to make a people-centric art+STEM outreach position my full-time paid gig. Great salary! Great benefits! A union! Minimal-to-no overtime!

I haven’t put out a first-author paper in almost 4 years (rec’d is 1 per year), so it’s not a huge surprise to my colleagues and collaborators, but it was a little sad to break the news to some of them.

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As the manager for public programming and exhibitions, I’ll be working closely with the creative director and the education and learning manager (along with all the curators, scholars, artists, community members, admin, etc) to put together and carry out exhibitions and events. I got to meet them and chat with them a bunch during the interviews, and I’m so excited to join their team!

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Recently, Science Gallery Detroit was incorporated into the MSU natural history museum as the experimentation and innovation division, and there are BIG upcoming plans to re-imagine and transform the MSU Museum into a community hub of informal education where science, art, and culture meet.

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It’s season and I finally get to participate! For today I’m going to tell you a bit about the new job I start Monday as ✨manager of public programming and exhibitions✨ at the MSU Museum & Science Gallery!! 🥳 🥳

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