I've had a migraine off and on all afternoon and evening, so Thread Thursday will have to wait until tomorrow. It will of course be about Sgr A* (the lumpy orange science donut you're seeing in the news and on social media) so feel free to reply with any questions you have about it!
Get well soon

Did you ever try
#keto to manage your migraines?

Get Well soon 🍀

What are the 3 bright spots? And as the light is bent in weird ways, are those even different spots or the same, but we can see it from different angles because of the weird way the light is bent?

@alstev waiting for the thread! I don't have questions right now, except for - how can we get more data from the inside of a black hole, like in Interstellar?

@alstev How patient will we have to be to get any more big breakthroughs from the Event Horizon Telescope? I feel like videos or higher-resolution images are both many years away.

@alstev "lumpy orange science donut" 🤣 amazing! (also I hope your migraine improved!)

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