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The Economist highlights something I'd been suspecting for a couple of years now: Google is going through a bit of a crisis.

Their crisis has been reflected in the quality of their products for a while now (My org uses Google for most corporate stuff).

For instance, I'm astonished they let Zoom steal the march over Google Meet, given how convenient the latter is for anyone using Google Calendar at work. Hints at heavy bureaucracy.


Google, Paywalled Link 

But the decline in quality shows up most starkly in their primary product: search.

It's practically impossible to search easily for 'knowledge' on Google. For example, I had a ridiculous moment the other day, when I searched for "Old Bangalore Stories and Legends" and the first entry was for a computer game called Apex Legends featuring a character called Bangalore.

Pretty poor for a user living in the city of Bangalore, even if the name's now changed to Bengaluru.

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