Gloom and Doom related to Climate Change 

Over the last couple of months, both national and state governments have been accused of fast-tracking environmental clearances for all kinds of new projects at the risk of environmental damage and biodiversity loss.

I haven't been able to keep track of everything, but here are some comics (by Rohan Chakravarthy*) that sort of capture the issue.

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A 4 deg C rise is closer to the top of the estimated range, of course. The lower bound is about 2.4 deg C. Even so, that's a very high increase.

These findings will be debated and contested and counter-proposals and revisions may take place.

However, what can't be disputed is the temperature increase that has already taken place.

This are temperature bands for India and my home state of Karnataka. Note the angry brick-red stripes toward the end of this decade.


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Unfortunately, the news isn't good. The report predicts that mean temperatures in India could increase by...wait for it...

2.4 to 4.4. deg C.

compared NOT to pre-industrial levels (which is what the 2015 Paris Agreement uses)

but to average temperatures between 1976 and 2005.

In other words, temperatures may rise by FOUR degrees over the average temperatures of my PARENT'S GENERATION, not the 1800s.

That's just insane.

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(1) Deep Time, Dark Times: On Being Geologically Human by David Wood.

(2) Recommend pairing this with Robert McFarlane's Underland, which I am coincidentally reading at the same time.

Will post a review of (1) once I'm done.

Book Sites:

(2) Underland

The only thing bleaker than a post-capitalist dystopia is post-capitalist capitalism.

From the plot of a video game called Rise of Industry 2130. Sent by an ex-student.

I'd written a / short story in 2018 which I couldn't get published.

I've now put it on Wattpad for the time being, until I can get the time to rework it for publication.

Do check it out. It's based on my observations of , , and issues in , but extrapolated to extremes.

Can be read on:

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