I'd written a / short story in 2018 which I couldn't get published.

I've now put it on Wattpad for the time being, until I can get the time to rework it for publication.

Do check it out. It's based on my observations of , , and issues in , but extrapolated to extremes.

Can be read on: wattpad.com/story/216124506-ad

Thread on Environment, Urbanisation, India 

Additionally, the idea of the big, heartless city which doesn't care about nature is not true, not in India.

Many residents of Indian cities care deeply about preserving and conserving however they can.

One of my favourite examples is this restaurant in ( ), planting saplings outside their entrance at a time the government wanted to cut down 1200 trees for a road project.


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I'm an researcher in , with a background in economics, working at various intersections of resource conservation (mostly ), economy, and institutions in . Currently interested in of research.

I also love teaching and am deeply interested in exploring new forms of and understanding challenges of interdisciplinary teaching.

Am here to share more about my work and learn from other scholars :)

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