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Four states w/ Republican legislatures & Dem governors–Kansas, Michigan, PA, Wisconsin–have gubernatorial races in Nov. If the supreme court overturns Roe & R's have full control of state govt, abortion bans in those states are all but certain.

Krystyna Kacpura's advice to U.S. women: Hit the streets and "stay there for as long as you can while you find ways to support each other in the face of reproductive injustice. If you don't, many women will suffer. Many will die."

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In Poland, there is a secret network of doctors who help Polish and Ukrainian women in need of abortions. The Polish govt is aware but turns a blind eye because there is a shortage of doctors and it fears backlash from women.

Turning off self-view is suggested to reduce Zoom fatigue & self-objectification. But because women's appearance is overly scrutinized, they can be disadvantaged when not using self-view to anticipate how they will be evaluated & adjust.

The most common reason women give for wanting an abortion is that they are not financially prepared to raise the child. Yet post-Roe, the main diff between the women who will make it to an abortion provider and those who won’t is money.

"Turnaway Study" followed 1,000 women who had or were denied abortions for 5 years. Those who were denied abortions had worse economic & mental health outcomes. 95% of those who had abortions said they made the right decision.

In Alabama, 74% of women are breadwinners in their families, yet women are paid less than men in every occupation & education level. Overall Alabama women are paid just 67 cents for every dollar paid to men.

"The root problem isn’t a domestic supply chain issue, either of formula or of babies. The root problem is that too many of the people whom we elect to power are shielded from the mess and stress of reproduction and motherhood."
- Monica Hesse

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"Figuring out how to feed a baby is a task that, like a lot of stereotypical mothering work, is often done in secret: accomplished without fuss or complaint or any acknowledgment that it can also be blisteringly stressful." - Monica Hesse

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The House Energy Committee will hold a hearing in 2 weeks on the formula shortage---2 WEEKS! Infants without formula need to eat now.

Due to stigma and the "ick" factor, one of the best sources of biological material for studying women's reproductive health—menstrual blood—has rarely been studied.

Since 2008, NIH has allocated $176M to fund endometriosis research. Compare that to $2B for ulcerative colitis, which affects 1% of Americans.

Before formula was invented in the 1950s, babies who weren’t able to breastfeed would often die of illness or starvation.

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"But, as always, blame [for not being able to breastfeed] is placed squarely on vulnerable parents, rather than the institutions that allow these issues to flourish."

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Breastfeeding is not “free”. It’s time-intensive and laborious. It requires access to paid parental leave; protection for employees who nurse to access both a feeding room and time to pump; and breastfeeding education and free lactation consultants.

The office enhances the workplace experience for some & corrodes it for others. Women of color experience role incredulity, can't show emotion, must dress professionally even if everyone else dresses down & must prove themselves over and over.

Parents are abandoned. There are senators who didn’t know their constituents’ babies had no food until a reporter asked. Women are being advised to “just breastfeed,” as if there’s a switch to turn the milk on.

Post-Roe, states that define life as beginning as fertilization would give embryos legal rights and protections, limiting would-be parents choices to use, store or discard them. Louisiana & Nebraska are considering such bills.

"Because yes, protecting women’s reproductive rights benefits me, but equally important is that a pro-woman reproductive policy benefits us all: men, children, our economy, and our national security."

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Patriarchy incentivizes women to chase individual wins on playing fields drawn up by men & rewards women like Kim Kardashian & Amy Comey Barrett. Feminist language must change from “defending” the individual to protecting the collective.

Alito's originalist view of the Constitution offers no guarantees for women. "The drafters of the Constitution could care less about what women's concerns were, what they needed in order to be fully human in society." -Prof Khiara Bridges

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