Hello fellow humans (+machines)!!! Here's an

I'm not-new to Mastodon but am a new sprout in

I'm a Global Southerner currently writing a thesis on Indigenous Women's .

I consider myself a go-between. As a historian, I'm a cultural mediator in-between past/present. Plus, I'm a translator and wikimedian. I edit scientific knowledge in academia outer-space and love to tackle meanings across languages.

Here I'm engaged in knowledge sharing and other funsies.

@andi ooo would you be interested in @TranslateScience ? We meet every other week and would undoubtedly benefit from your expertise!

@andi wecome! That’s a very interesting work you are carrying out both in academia and outreach/accessibility :) hope to hear more about it here (if you ever want to share, of course) 😊

thank you, @whysofurious.Your archeological research sounds very interesting as well. This is a chance for a communal discussion and exchange of Sapienza.

@WizardOfDocs sure, one can say that, but is actually "wikimedian" just so, a.k.a "contributor in the Wikimedia movement" (


Hi !
Can we see your thesis somewhere (or parts of it) ?
Also, its scope seems quite large ?

@lienrag Hello! I write in Portuguese ^^
In the near future I'll have something in English and then I'll share it here.


So, you're Brazilian ?

PS : do you know the story of the Portuguese teacher ?
(understandable only if you know a tiny bit of French)


It's in Pierre Daninos' book, "Les Carnets du major Thomson" (or its follow-up, not sure) : Daninos was working as a translator between French and English officers in WWI, and he was asked out of the blue to translate to the new Portuguese officers too, though he never learned Portuguese.
So he found a Portuguese teacher who offered to teach him 2500 words for a hefty sum of money.
Being versed in languages, Daninos knew that 2500 words is a good basis, so he agreed.



Then after he paid the aforementioned fee, he had his first lesson, where the teacher told him his first orthographical rule : words that end in "tion" in French are exactly the same in Portuguese, one just need to replace "tion" by "çaoun".
The teacher added : "Check the dictionnary, there are 2500 words ending in "tion", so good bye and thanks for the money"...


@lienrag hahahaahaha OMG I loved it. I wish I could pull up this one, hahaha

@andi Welcome to Mastodon & the Fediverse! I'm sure you will like it here. :)

Hello @Starfia!

Well, both things.

I am formally trained in translation. But, within my practice, I do like it to take it to the next level... in terms of different media and ways of theorizing (epistemological) type of translation.

Welcome, new scholar sprout! Good to see more researchers of social sciences on the fedi 🙂

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