Reading; What do pictures want? 

Today's (re)reading is chapters selected from the book "What do pictures want?" (MITCHELL, 2005: 🏴‍☠️) for my Visual/Cultural class.

There's this nice interview

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Reading; What do pictures want? 

In which he states:
"My general pedagogical aim is to slow down the reception of the image, to encourage prolonged contemplation, second and third looks, reversals of perceptual fields such as figure/ground and surface/depth... one that is willing to explore its object with rigorous phenomenological or psychoanalytic or semiotic or socio-historical modes of interpretation"

phenomenology; What do pictures want? 

Aaaah, that reminds me I stumbled up this article the other day: "Intrusive gaze: Thoughts and glances upon a ch’ixi world", which regards at RIVERA CUSICANQUI's /

And the fact I must, in the near future of my studies, fully engage in this theory.

+ that also reminded me of @CaribenxMarciaX work :BlobCatMlem:

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