RT @random_walker@twitter.com: If there's one thing you could change about the media and public conversation on AI, what would it be? Here's mine: stop talking about AI as if it has agency, because it doesn't β€” it's the people building and deploying it who do.

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Cool paper alert! "CURIOUS: Intrinsically Motivated Multi-Task, Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning," Colas et al.: arxiv.org/abs/1810.06284

Cool work! Still feel that UVFA is underpreciated (as I argued here thegradient.pub/how-to-fix-rl/).

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Another awesome demonstration that AI will aid the creativity of people, not "replace" artists! This immediately strikes me as a good tool for trying random stuff out and discovering new ideas.

RT @jjvincent@twitter.com An extremely cool AI project from Google Magenta: the Piano Genie, which lets you improvise fluently on a piano by bashing just eight buttons theverge.com/2018/10/16/179825

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Super cool indeed! Always felt that domain randomization as done now is far too ad hoc, nice to see it being done in a more well motivated manner.
RT @animesh_garg@twitter.com Super cool new paper from the @NvidiaAI@twitter.com Robotics group in Closing the Sim-to-Real Loop: Adapting Simulation Randomization with Real World Experience [Paper buff.ly/2pWMLUg , video:buff.ly/2pWqXbq ]

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Something neat - got around to posting recording of interview I did on @KPOORADIO@twitter.com about the AI PhD life and state of AI, as part of @wonderfest@twitter.com's cool Science Envoy program (wonderfest.org/science-envoy/).

Check out more interviews: vicesbyproxy.com/kpoo_play/lmt


RT @OlaRosling@twitter.com: Study contradicting common sense: Exposure to opposite ideas may actually lead to increased polarization, if communication style disallow patiently listening and dialog. Solution: Don’t let everything become politics! twitter.com/timharford/status/

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RT @Noah_K_Whiteman@twitter.com: I showed the tree of life in a talk to @UCBerkeley@twitter.com alumni today. I asked them close their eyes and come to understand that they are the product on an unbroken chain of cell divisions that started 4 billion years ago! So much extinction and so lucky to be here.

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RT @seb_ruder@twitter.com: BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding:
SOTA on 11 tasks. Main additions:
- Bidirectional LM pretraining w/ masking
- Next-sentence prediction aux task
- Bigger, more data
It seems LM pretraining is here to stay.

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RT @mmitchell_ai@twitter.com: Excited to propose Model Cards for Model Reporting as a pressing step forward in transparency, accountability, and the responsible democratization of AI technology. arxiv.org/abs/1810.03993
-- with @timnitGebru@twitter.com and others whose twitter handles I'm not sure of!

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"The best way to fight for the carbon fee and dividend is to join @citizensclimate@twitter.com Lobby, which now has more than 90,000 members but needs more, especially young people. CCL members are appropriately polite and respectful as they cajole politicians in Washington. "

hey we should all support 'free' stuff that refreshingly does not get funded by advertising!

I just donated to @Wikipedia@twitter.com. Support free knowledge! donate.wikimedia.org/?utm_medi

"Economists agree: If 100 percent of this fee is distributed uniformly to the public, the economy will be spurred, GNP will rise, and millions of jobs will be created. Our energy infrastructure will be steadily modernized with clean energies and energy efficiency."

"As long as fossil fuels are cheap, they will be burned and emissions will be high. Fossil fuel use will decline only if the price is made to include costs of pollution and climate change to society."

when will we finally wake up... @citizensclimate@twitter.com's fee and dividend also good

"We propose CAML, a meta-learning method that partitions the model parameters into two parts: context parameters that are adapted on individual tasks, and shared parameters that are meta-trained and shared across tasks."

surprised this has not been done yet, but cool!
RT @Miles_Brundage@twitter.com "CAML: Fast Context Adaptation via Meta-Learning," @luisa_zintgraf@twitter.com et al.: arxiv.org/abs/1810.03642

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RT @svlevine@twitter.com: Imitation from watching videos (in this case, from YouTube) by virtual characters -- directly imitating acrobatic skills, dance, etc. via deep RL + HMR for pose recovery: bair.berkeley.edu/blog/2018/10 twitter.com/xbpeng4/status/104

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