my current article on recordkeeping failures with the 2010 Upper Big Branch and Deepwater Horizon disasters is currently un-paywalled for next month,o

For folks who had sabbatical plans (especially those with little to no travel plans) around this time, I'm genuinely interested in whether you've decided to postpone it or not.

I love that feeling when you've always thought "Someone really needs to write an article about X" but you're not really searching it out and doing a lit review, and then one day you stumble across something where someone did exactly that

i don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're a faculty member and you have your students do interesting projects and *then* you ask the archivist if they can preserve the projects.... this is the wrong order of steps. if you want us to preserve your class's projects, please ask us before you commence the project so we can give you advice about our capacity and designing it well.

for example, it used to be pretty easy to find other librarian faculty tenure and promotion docs on university library websites. That's rarely the case today.

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Has anyone written smart stuff about how university websites all now look alike because the marketing has taken them over? The enclosure of university websites has really irritated me as an academic librarian who always used to look for "how other libraries do it" and get useful documents off their websites. Now all their stuff is also under intranets.

Attending a highly interdisciplinary conference only 2 hours away with a mix of academic & community practitioners. The moderators have not contacted me & the chair has not answered my question about presentation logistics or getting the moderator's info. I come from a field that usually uses basic PPT slide decks for conference talks. My topic is highly technical but also very interesting to a broad audience if presented well (which I am capable of). Reader, what would you do in my situation?

i'm happy to report the piece eventually got published elsewhere and got far better exposure as a result

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lololololololol just got cited in a "review of recent literature from the field" from a journal that killed one of my submissions after a new editor came on and decided they would no longer stand by previous R&R rounds. "Living well is the best revenge" etc etc

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Isn't there any temporary high better than checking Google Scholar and seeing new citations of your work, or is this just a Capricorn thing

Librarian research methods and IRB 

me, gesturing wildly at mailing lists and group email and RSS and just email in general, because people seem to have forgotten that these things exist and are well-supported and decentralized and secure with the right tools

Reviewing something in my field that is well-written, novel, and totally compelling (where you ask yourself, this is such an obvious and important topic, how has no one tackled this before?!) is such a profound joy.

I have gotten 3 desk rejections in a row for an article that I think is one of the best things I've ever written. This is the first time I'm trying to introduce some core aspects of my discipline into other journals, and this experience has been incredibly demoralizing. Any words of advice from other interdisciplinary folks?

i think there is a cogent argument to make that aside from institutions specifically created to serve populations traditionally excluded from higher ed (like HBCUs or work colleges like Berea), the US private higher ed landscape specifically drains off money and enrollment that could be used to stabilize public higher ed.

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*far fewer private institutions compared with the US, that is

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After spending several days at a mostly academic library conference in Canada where the college and university landscape has far fewer private players, it's fascinating to read this. You treat education like a commodity and not a public good, and you end up with only market-influenced answers

Utterly thrilled to see my work on archives & climate change so respectfully and wonderfully profiled (in VICE of all places!)

I haven't read anything by Vandana Shiva and think I probably need to start. Suggestions of where to begin with her many works?

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