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Just was introduced to this Conserve the Sound Project, which has recordings of the sounds produced while interacting with a large variety of old devices. For example, typing on a typewriter or opening the lid of a laptop. I'm glad that people have thought to pay attention to these otherwise ephemeral sounds. conservethesound.de

It's a testament to the never-ending absurdly pernicious productivity of the American worker that so many of us continue to manage to show up to work each morning despite every day feeling like the worst historical cross-over of 1984, Shakespeare, and the Godfather

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Article suggestion: the impact of cats on scholarly work

Wrote a few archivist/records manager thoughts on the New York Times ISIS files story saarmrt.wordpress.com/2018/04/

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Hey #librarians, #librarystudents, #archivists #curators ... the GLAMMrus (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Memory Institutions, and Records Managers) instance is open to registration and tooting! we are glammr.us!

More about us here: glammr.us/about/more

We really want to welcome all kinds of folks working in this general area for professional and ordinary convos! Public, academic, big, small... students, techy types, reference wizes, circ workers come on over!

These orgs also play an outsize role in my local and professional identities and social circles, so I'm extra cranky right now. I'm also sleep deprived.

Really angry right now at two major orgs I support (one professional and one local) with massive amounts of unpaid labor that are embodying the worst of the nonprofit industrial complex: depending on our volunteer work to carry out the mission but not granting us the autonomy we need to do this unpaid labor effectively

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Pretty excited to have revived the Reading Archivists blog, spread it far and wide my GLAMR friends readingarchivists.wordpress.co

Academics who write on social justice topics but whose work only exists behind paywalls: why hast thou forsaken us? (Extra points docked for archivists and librarians who pull this nonsense)

(I have like half a dozen half-finished blog posts for my own site covering everything from professional identity to current meditations on the nuclear-industrial complex...)

I read Dan Cohen's "Back to the Blog" and can't stop thinking about it and want to see a revival of archivist blogs. dancohen.org/2018/03/21/back-t

The extremely venerable Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (of notable "Doomsday clock" fame) has made their current issue about climate change fully open-access for the next few months thebulletin.org/blog/whats-new

to be clear, batting averages, not baseball averages :)

I am still new to grant writing, and found out my most recent proposal didn't make the cut. My department head's words of wisdom: "grants are like baseball averages, if you get 3 out of 10 you're doing well" I am always here for baseball metaphors!

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i told my co-chair if we get through next Thursday alive I will buy her first round at the bar

In "one week to conference" program committee h-e-double-hockeystix, send bourbon

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A great read: How a Book Warehouse is Changing Columbia's Library System. ReCAP, a 26-year stopgap to the unsolvable problem of how to grow & maintain unbounded knowledge. bit.ly/2DnWHdT