I get a lot of weird academia spam but sometimes the subject lines are pretty hilarious

Jared Diamond : Geography :: David McCullough : History

Not my field question: if I wanted to read about political critiques/social implications of military contractors like Lockheed Martin, what academic books, scholars, or journals should I be reading?

broke: quickly reading up on a new interest via Wikipedia

woke: quickly reading up on a new interest via Oxford Very Short Introductions

bespoke: quickly reading up on a new interest via the Congressional Research Service

I like to think I am a nitpicky and detail-oriented person, and then I encounter a good copy editor and realize basically I am just a complete slob. I say this with a deep well of admiration for their work.

Anyone else here write rough first drafts by hand? I'm beginning to experiment with it and I think aside from wrist cramps I like it. I'm less tempted to edit as I go or overthink it and just get something down. The best part is the satisfying crumple if I hate it and want to start over!

I recently learned that environmental historian Bill Cronon has a whole website dedicated to teaching research methods - much of it is geared for undergraduates new to research but I'm still getting a lot out of it and you might too williamcronon.net/researching/

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I just learned there is an entire podcasting network dedicated to reviewing authors of new academic books. The New Book Network: newbooksnetwork.com

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Anyone here going to the Organization of American Historians? My first time and I am bowled over by some of the conference programming, hot dog!

the stackoverflow "homage to the 90s" being so femme just reinforces to me how much of a coded-"neutral male" the space is, and reads to me that the feminine is meant to be a source of ridicule

US academics, what kind of cool sustainability things does your university do? Subsidized bus passes? Inviting you to bring hard to recycle stuff from home? An institutional mandate to buy XYZ amount of locally grown food? I am running for election as faculty rep to my university's sustainability committee and want to bring some fresh ideas.

Anyone attending the Organization of American Historians conference? This will be my first time and uh, the 150 page conference program has got me kinda intimidated as an attender of smaller conferences in my field of practice

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Did not expect this intriguing and highly questionable part of Soviet nuclear history to show up in the federal Deepwater Horizon disaster report

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Can anyone recommend geospatial humanities workshops or conferences happening in Fall 2019?

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