After two desk rejections in a row for a manuscript I'm trying to use to get my interdisciplinary sea legs, I'm crossing my fingers that the third submission will be a charm 🤞

Any other US academics taking Amtrak long distances outside the NE corridor to get to conferences? I took Texas Eagle last week from Chicago to Austin as I begin experimenting with reducing my professional carbon footprint. It was a heck of an experience!

Trying a similar request again: can anyone recommend a good journal that covers environmental justice?

from the bird site - even if I could convince Elsevier to waive an OA APC, I'm not sure I'd trust them after reading this

It's pretty disconcerting how many energy policy journals are owned by Elsevier. If anyone can recommend any alternatives, I'd be so grateful. Despite my librarian skills, I'm not finding a lot and I'm trying to avoid environmental law journals for the time being.

I love reading critiques of academic conference culture, and this is one of the best posts in ages about the trouble with conferencing from an environmental humanities perspective

Higher ed hot takes 

Higher ed hot takes 

Who/what should I be reading if I need to get up to speed on Great Lakes environmental policy and governance?

Me: "omg how does anyone manage the decision fatigue of a restaurant with more than 5 entrees on the menu or a drugstore with 30 flavors of toothpaste"

Also me: "Why yes let me do a lit review for this new topic and download 200 citations, I'm sure I'll figure out the best article to start with when I return to this in 2 months"

me, between paychecks:
"Libraries are a superior institution, tying communities together around traditions of sharing and a love of knowledge, viva la bibliotheca!"

me, on payday:
"Yes, I'd like to purchase all of these books, and could someone please help me load them into the trailer I've rented, thanks."

US higher ed accreditation 

Student loan politics 

Student loan politics 

Student loan politics 

Student loan politics 

An independent oversight board is finally planning to look into facial recognition, the NSA’s real-time internet surveillance, and terror watchlists.

For anyone else who's interested, I'm starting with the Congressional Research Service report here

I'd really love recommendations for extremely basic, 101-level, nothing longer than an Oxford Very Short Introduction-size intro to US-Canadian transnational politics. Especially a guide for what USians should know about Canadian political frameworks.

Almost done with the first draft of this article I've been writing for well over a year and I feel like my brain is about to crack open, given how much legal reading it required (and I am neither an attorney nor have I ever taken a legal research methods class)

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