Reminder for archives researchers 

(I can't believe I have to remind people of all of this, but here we are. Stop treating archivists this way. It's gross.)

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Reminder for archives researchers 

A friendly reminder from an archivist:
1. If we ask you to wear a mask, WEAR IT.
2. Your failure to plan around your deadlines is not our problem
3. Sorry that our ability to pull things for you has slowed down. There is still a pandemic going on. There are no rush jobs or archival emergencies during a pandemic. Calm down.
4. I also know the editor of the journal you are writing for. Please stop assuming archivists don't also do their own scholarship.

Disciplined Minds (Jeff Schmidt) has only just entered my awareness as a book I should probably read, but I'm wondering why it doesn't seem more widely known/cited. Anyone have insights? Is there some massive controversy I missed since the book is now nearly 2 decades old?

Just realized other universities have COVID-19 dashboards for their universities and ours....... definitely does not. Everything is fine and normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

thinking about the tremendous differences between faculty unions/professor worker identities and K-12 unions/teacher worker identities and how the latter seems to be able to create so much more solidarity because the distance between a STEM and humanities educator in high school is much less in high school than higher ed

I swear to fucking God, the admins sometimes talk about "our students" like David Attenborough observing a rare species in the remote wilds.

the scourge of higher ed thought leaders 

WTF does this word vomit actually mean? i'm pretty sure we can at least verify that this guy doesn't understand the political conditions in which tenure became A Thing

it's wild to me that we've all been remote working for nearly 3 months and people still wander into meetings with loud NPR in the background and not muting their mics, WTF people

New CFP for records management and climate change for a forthcoming issue of Records Management Journal. 500-word abstracts are due soon, but actual article deadline is months away. More information here:

I hope all higher ed faculty and staff being asked to go back to campus by high level administrators realize that we have far more in common with grocery store workers than previously thought, whose own CEOs are making decisions from the comfort of isolated offices and large salaries

it feels like every public university in Ohio has gone from 0-60 in shared governance nightmares in the last week and it's completely exhausting and we are only at the beginning of these cuts. Are any universities actually handling shared governance adequately right now?

I should know better by now but I'm continually amazed at how the Chronicle of Higher Ed is low key like the New York Times in how deeply sympathetic it is to the ruling class if you read it long enough and between the lines.

my current article on recordkeeping failures with the 2010 Upper Big Branch and Deepwater Horizon disasters is currently un-paywalled for next month,o

For folks who had sabbatical plans (especially those with little to no travel plans) around this time, I'm genuinely interested in whether you've decided to postpone it or not.

I love that feeling when you've always thought "Someone really needs to write an article about X" but you're not really searching it out and doing a lit review, and then one day you stumble across something where someone did exactly that

i don't know who needs to hear this, but if you're a faculty member and you have your students do interesting projects and *then* you ask the archivist if they can preserve the projects.... this is the wrong order of steps. if you want us to preserve your class's projects, please ask us before you commence the project so we can give you advice about our capacity and designing it well.

for example, it used to be pretty easy to find other librarian faculty tenure and promotion docs on university library websites. That's rarely the case today.

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Has anyone written smart stuff about how university websites all now look alike because the marketing has taken them over? The enclosure of university websites has really irritated me as an academic librarian who always used to look for "how other libraries do it" and get useful documents off their websites. Now all their stuff is also under intranets.

Attending a highly interdisciplinary conference only 2 hours away with a mix of academic & community practitioners. The moderators have not contacted me & the chair has not answered my question about presentation logistics or getting the moderator's info. I come from a field that usually uses basic PPT slide decks for conference talks. My topic is highly technical but also very interesting to a broad audience if presented well (which I am capable of). Reader, what would you do in my situation?

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