US academics, what kind of cool sustainability things does your university do? Subsidized bus passes? Inviting you to bring hard to recycle stuff from home? An institutional mandate to buy XYZ amount of locally grown food? I am running for election as faculty rep to my university's sustainability committee and want to bring some fresh ideas.

@archivist majorly subsidized bus passes for all full-time workers who live within X distance of a bus line! It is less than 1/4 of the regular price.

We also compost a lot. (which makes sense because we have ag history)

@platypus we used to have two subsidized public transportation programs. The super good one is gone but there is still an OK-ish one that I use daily. But I love the idea of tying incentives to how close people live to a bus line (I can hear the howls now from people I KNOW who live as close as I do to the bus but still drive)

@archivist We do have subsidized bus passes. Also, the university hosts a farmers market on campus once/week during the growing season.

@archivist I wish I had more video conferencing supports. As someone who studies climate change, let me say that getting onto an airplane has way way more consequences than any other aspects of academic life

@Aepasek have you followed the academicflyingblog.wordpress.c blog? Also there was some entire environmental conference a year or so ago that was to delivered online but with in-person meetups so it was truly hybrid, the Cultures of Energy podcast did an amazing episode on it that was very inspiring

@archivist Yeah there are some bright lights out there. My worry is that they currently exist only as experiments led by small groups for their communities. It would be lovely to see institutions step up next...

@archivist My departments have an annual swap event. They'll organize a list of unneeded stuff (printers, chairs, staplers, hole punchers, PCR machines, tube racks, etc) and people who need that stuff will grab it. New professors and their students get first dibs, then tenured professors and their students.

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