Any other US academics taking Amtrak long distances outside the NE corridor to get to conferences? I took Texas Eagle last week from Chicago to Austin as I begin experimenting with reducing my professional carbon footprint. It was a heck of an experience!

In a good way? I'm not US based, but I'm planning to do a _lot_ more train conference travel for the next couple of years (doing a postdoc in Switzerland).

@pettter with respect, the US train travel system is laughable compared to anything in Europe, so this is why I specified US because taking a train here compared to a train in Europe is like comparing riding horseback to riding a Ford Mustang. Be thankful for what y'all have!

@archivist Oh I'm aware, and very thankful! I was mostly curious about how bad/good - I'm not a native speaker, and "a heck of an experience" doesn't for me clearly translate to either...

Sorry for not bringing anything useful in exchange.

@pettter Oh sorry, yes I can see how that phrasing doesn't translate well! It was mostly good, but also had some bad aspects. Overall I would do it again, but when I talk about doing this to other US academics they think I'm a combination of extremely silly and irrational

@archivist I'll be taking Amtrak from Durham, North Carolina to Boston for a conference next month, probably a 20 hour+ trip each way. I think I may combine with other meetings in NYC to split up the time in one direction.

While I always enjoy the train (California Zephyr is my fav), I'm also thinking that Greyhound bus travel may be an important option. It covers many, many routes/destinations that Amtrak doesn't, and is even more carbon efficient.

@npd Greyhound is next-level low-carbon travel commitment, I salute you

@archivist I don't claim any credit, I haven't taken a long bus trip in years, but I'm considering it now for destinations not well-served by train. I appreciated this take on it, from an academic who traveled 28 hours one way by Megabus for a conference:

@npd Eric Holthaus is a gem. I recently spent ~33 hours on a train from Chicago to Austin for a conference. It was a mix of good, bad, and ugly, but I would do it again!

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