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Eira Tansey @archivist

Any academics/librarians do podcasting around here?

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@archivist I do let's plays? Which is... almost but not quite podcasting?

@archivist my better half has been interested in it. you might like her ideas? (i can connect you two but i think y'all know each other)

@anarchivist sorry just saw this, oooooh! I will talk to her :)

@archivist @anarchivist no I love ‘em, and am always on the lookout for new ones for my commute. I guess that was my somewhat passive aggressive way of asking where the podcast was :-)

@inkdroid @anarchivist i keep talking a big game about making a projectARCC podcast. I think it'll actually happen now that I've deleted the social media site that I think people are not allowed to say out loud on here