My research collaborators & I have been undertaking a major effort to identify every archive in the US, and some of our early maps show how badly we need this data - existing data sets don't come close to what we've turned over. Please share!

@archivist so like oh my gosh the Appalachian reveal!! It's the kind of thing where I want to hover my mouse over it and ask "what are all these places? where are they? what might I learn about them?" I'm excited to see what happens next but also just ... WOW???!?1

first thing I did after reading was throw it in work slack. second was twitter. third is back to it

@platypus yaaaay mission accomplished. Eventual release of the data set will obviously include much of the repo-level information. This is all extremely beta at this point.

@archivist right of course! I expect a lot of folks will be like "wait what where" about stuff around them? Or in other areas where they just get surprised.

@platypus this whole thing is sort of just exploding everything the profession has ever assumed about....... the profession.

@platypus like, for real it's pretty amazing how much of the difference is made up of tiny tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny historical societies that have like, a facebook page. Their finding aid is something like this And what the data says is that that is "normal". It may not be best practice. But it's more likely to occur than having professional staff and resources to participate in archival data infrastructure

@archivist This is really cool. As someone who did much of his UG senior honors thesis in repositories like these a map of this sort would have saved me a TON of time, travel and otherwise

@archivist related, TIL that the Milwaukee County Hist Soc is not listed in ArchivesGrid. Not much there, just ALL THE OFFICIAL RECORDS OF THE LARGEST COUNTY IN WISCONSIN, NBD

@Herodotusjr yup. This is such a huge thing I'm trying to get people to realize, that relying on networked archival description to tell us where archives are located is....... full of problems

@stephestellar @archivist "Get in loser, we're going researching systematically across underutilized archival collections"

@Herodotusjr @archivist .... I would watch the hell out of an archivist-centric Mean Girls web show.

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