@Bookladdy appreciate that, and yes your observations are correct for virtually every archivist I know!

@npd Eric Holthaus is a gem. I recently spent ~33 hours on a train from Chicago to Austin for a conference. It was a mix of good, bad, and ugly, but I would do it again!

@npd Greyhound is next-level low-carbon travel commitment, I salute you

@pettter Oh sorry, yes I can see how that phrasing doesn't translate well! It was mostly good, but also had some bad aspects. Overall I would do it again, but when I talk about doing this to other US academics they think I'm a combination of extremely silly and irrational

@pettter with respect, the US train travel system is laughable compared to anything in Europe, so this is why I specified US because taking a train here compared to a train in Europe is like comparing riding horseback to riding a Ford Mustang. Be thankful for what y'all have!

After two desk rejections in a row for a manuscript I'm trying to use to get my interdisciplinary sea legs, I'm crossing my fingers that the third submission will be a charm 🤞

@generica Not sure if there is a direct line that you can take - you'd probably have to either go down to LA or to Chicago to connect. Might be pushing it given how long it takes simply to get from Chicago>LA or Chicago>Seattle (at least 48+ hours for both of those trips)

Any other US academics taking Amtrak long distances outside the NE corridor to get to conferences? I took Texas Eagle last week from Chicago to Austin as I begin experimenting with reducing my professional carbon footprint. It was a heck of an experience!

@logarithmic_function what do you mean by record? There is an increasing interest in climate change among archivists but not sure if that fits the bill for what you're asking about. Once upon a time our field was very into documentation strategy ('this institution will collect X, this one will collect Y') but that is less popular now. Too bad, it would be great for the times we live in.

Trying a similar request again: can anyone recommend a good journal that covers environmental justice?

from the bird site - even if I could convince Elsevier to waive an OA APC, I'm not sure I'd trust them after reading this twitter.com/redlipblenny/statu

It's pretty disconcerting how many energy policy journals are owned by Elsevier. If anyone can recommend any alternatives, I'd be so grateful. Despite my librarian skills, I'm not finding a lot and I'm trying to avoid environmental law journals for the time being.

I love reading critiques of academic conference culture, and this is one of the best posts in ages about the trouble with conferencing from an environmental humanities perspective seeingthewoods.org/2019/07/03/

@dailyclay Hi Clay! I've hiked a bunch around Morehead State :)

Higher ed hot takes 

Higher ed hot takes 

Thanks! There's also the Regional Body and the Commission. Hard to keep track of all of these overlapping groups and what differentiates them.

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