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The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is a delightful read. A light, surreal-fantasy story about a boy and a 'flea'.

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Reprocess of some old data:
Galaxy cluster Abell 2666. 36cm Schmidt cassegrain telescope. 90 minutes L, 30 minutes each R, G, and B. The farthest object in the field is about 1.7 billion light years away.

Gosh you all have such intriguing and badass bios, you’re making my brain all excited and curious.

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Hey friends, do you have any literatures suggestions on federated social networks, or decentralized social networks? 💕

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"Facebook intentionally violated UK privacy laws", news link Show more

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pokémon are forced to fight each other to keep them from gaining class consciousness and revolting against their captors.

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Good morning Scholar Social!

Remember: your value is not based on your grades, or your productivity

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This is cool!

The rover Europe sends to Mars in 2020 to look for life will carry the name of Rosalind Franklin. (She of the "what did Watson and Crick discover? Rosalind Franklin's notes!" joke I've seen going around.)

Plenty of stuff sent (or about to be sent) into space has men's names -- the Hubble and Webb telescopes, the Parker solar probe, etc -- but I can't think of anything that's had a woman's name so far.

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3 min into this.. loving the concept. Facebook sucks. Hope this is the future

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You all are such incredibly tough people, it blows me away.

So many of you wake up every day and envision a better future and drag it kicking and screaming into reality while society just dumps shit on you for just trying to live who you are on the inside on the outside too.

I know you didn't choose to be badasses, but you all are badasses.

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Rewatched "Arrival" last night, and was struck by how quietly it builds to its big moments due to unconventional, thoughtful editing.

So many good sci-fi films in the last few years that center women : "Annihilation" and "Gravity". Like "Arrival," they are definitely cinematic slow food. #film #sciencefiction

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watching all these services i’ve enjoyed get transmuted into open source code (instagram -> pixelfed) is so thrilling and awesome. to have the medium you want to use to express yourself and know nobody can take it away as long as you have somewhere to stash it..! i super wish Vine wouldn’t be so annoying to recreate but .. i wonder. I Wonder.

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A reminder that the idea of values embedded in the design of technology is fukin old hat & Dr. Susan Calvin has been saying it straight since 1950: “‘The nature of a robot reaction to a dilemma is startling,’ she began. ‘Robot psychology is far from perfect — as a specialist, I can assure you of that but it can be discussed in qualitative terms, because with all the complications introduced into a robot’s positronic brain, it is built by humans and is therefore built according to human values.’”

This is becoming painfully obvious each time I discuss the notion of service public with people from other legal backgrounds (and I’m far from being that educated on French public law).

Just read the sentence “legal systems under french influence” and yeah

I think I’m under french influence. I’d use that tag line.

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