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I am a master student of systematic musicology. My areas of interest are music sociology, music and virtuality, technology and embodyment, music psychology, aesthetics and queer studies. I'm interested in how technology changes our everyday lives and how we engage with music. I'm currently working on virtual music communities.

I am at the University of Hamburg, but this semester I am studying as an exchange student at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland.

Procrastination was, is and always will be my arch-enemy.

I explored the campus of my new alma mater today. I like the campus here in Jyväskylä, Finland. It's like studying in the forest.

Home is where I have eduroam.

Economics complain; superhero joke 

I want Spiderman's superpowers

* Being a poor high school kid and also somehow having an apartment in NYC
* Getting a baby boomer to pay him for photography work, and not just with "exposure"
* Consumes the male immediately after sex for its resources

From August I will come to Finnland for an exchange semester. I'm really excited about this.

Academic intellectual property opinion 

Make Sci-hub legal :scihub:

Abolish copyright on academic papers

Then every paper will be open access :oa:

Scholars, do (or even can) you use sources you can only access through, say, ?

Can someone recommend current literature on Cyber culture or digital ethnography?

Idle Question for Scholar.Social again (sorry):

What's the difference between gender abolition and gender nihilism? Is there one?

Can someone recommend a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) that runs on Linux? Preferably FOSS.

I learned these very important basic German sentences while I was in Berlin:

* Möchtest du mit mir eine Limonade schlürfen?

* Deine Ideen sind wertvoll, aber du bist im unrecht.

* Da haben wir den Salat!

* Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt.

Are there any scholars, students or other people from Jyväskylä (Finnland) here? Or someone who's spent some time there.

I moved to my current university a year ago for my Master's degree. I successfully applied here for an exchange semester next winter. But in the meantime I have realized that the orientation of my institute differs greatly from my personal academic interests.
But if I change my course (not my subject) now, I could never again have the chance for a semester abroad.

Dear fediverse, I need your help. I'm going to do some research on YouTube comments. Is there someone with experience in this field? Can someone recommend a software solution to extract the entries from the website into a text file or something like this?

Boost if you have nice sketchbooks in which you dare not draw lest you RUIN the pages.

Please boost widely: Call for Proposals, "After Social Media: Alternatives, New Beginnings, and Socialized Media." It's a call for research/essays on alternative social media, including Mastodon, of course.

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