Nextcloud is growing. We plan to hire 20 new colleagues in Sales, Marketing and Engineering (C++, PHP, Go, JS) Join us if you want to change the world. No requests from outsourcing or headhunting companies please.

We're happy to announce that Eelco Blok has joined our supervisory board. Eelco is the former CEO of KPN and with his experience will support our scale up strategy, professionalization and strengthen our position in the industry. A very warm welcome! 🙌
#fairphone #daretocare

Is your open source project still using Slack for its community? Consider:

Mozilla has migrated their chat to Matrix:

Mattermost now offers hosted service with special pricing for OSS projects:

There are probably even more I'm not aware of.

There are good Free options now. Time to get out of the proprietary SaaS lock-in.

Why Talk integrated on your #Nextcloud is better than a separate chat and #videoconferencing solution?

⚙️ Integration capabilities
✅ Efficiency
🔒 Security

➕ Read this blog for a deeper dive in several more advantages!

Our #Fairphone 3+ will now also be available from 🙌
This new partnership is a step in the right direction in making greener alternatives more widely available. Together with our partners, we are proving that it is possible to do things differently. #daretocare

I find this Com-Phone app cool, I can use it to talk about ideas to be developed in a paper.

"Feeling good about ourselves doesn’t just enhance individual wellbeing by fulfilling a fundamental human psychological need; it can also translate into acts of kindness towards others, for the benefit of society at large."

From the article "You want people to do the right thing? Save them the guilt trip"

Hi, I'm a newbie, Phd candidate (University of Warsaw, Poland), interested in various aspects of the anthropology of technology. I wanna find out whether it is possible to organise the internet differently, so I study alternative and independent sm platforms, cyberculture, utopian projects as well as public policies and digital agendas.

🗓️ Save the date for the (virtual) State of the Onion 2020: Nov. 16 @ 16:00-18:00 UTC.

We'll discuss Tor's accomplishments in 2020, plus hear from @securedrop, Library Freedom Project, Ricochet Refresh, @OpenObservatory, The Guardian Project and @micahflee.

@alcinnz you're spot on in these directions.

#SmallAI is personal AI that could run on-device or on small servers, whereas Big AI is Datacenter AI that is owned and run by the Molochs. And as we use their stuff, we'll be owned by them too.

The Big AI will then decide what's left for us humans to be involved with, leaving us husks of our former selves.

Arts? We can fiddle with AI params and with a printer it will paint Van Goghs, 3D print Michelangelo's sculptures


@cwebber @bamfic @aral


#SmallAI are personal assistents of all forms and kinds that process personal data from encrypted vaults, without broadcasting it around.

They support a skill, help form a habit, encourage you to learn and socialize both offline and online, and take boring tasks and other chores off your shoulder.

They are enrichments to your life, that give more space where you might flourish.

They are #OpenScience consume #OpenData from the web, and are #FOSS all the way!

@cwebber @bamfic @aral

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @mastohost - Create your own Mastodon instance without any technical knowledge

🌟 @powderpaint - Queer synthpop band doing excellent music

🌟 @glimpse - FOSS photo and image editing software, fork of GIMP

🌟 @kde & @kde - Official Fediverse accounts of the KDE development community

🌟 @dantheclamman - Paleobiologist working at the Biosphere 2 research facility in the Arizona desert

🌟 @omgubuntu - News site about Ubuntu & Linux

Is any one on here a university first year or college freshman? Have you been able to make friends with people in your online classes? What's worked to build friendships for people you're not seeing face to face? What could your teachers or university be doing to make that easier?

If you like, use or even produce Podcasts, you should read this. And you should demand podcasts to be available via RSS. Having a show locked into Spotify or audible is _not_ a podcast. You're just handing them your audience for free.

After a rather twisty journey we are overexcited to declare that Dendrite (the next-gen Golang homeserver from the core Matrix team) has officially entered beta!! 🎉 Don't trust it with your data yet, but please spin up an instance & help us hunt the bugs!

In September, our Tor relays have moved 1 petabyte of data ( (1 PB in + 1 PB out).

Fast relays make #TorBrowser faster. More Tor relays make #Tor better.

We believe that Tor is the best way to preserve your #privacy while surfing the Web.


People who speaks Spanish. This site encourage you to avoid using products from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (GAFAM). It's very good. In English there are a lot of websites like this but in Spanish is not so easy.


Gente que habla Español, este sitio hace recomendaciones para evitar usar productos de Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple y Microsoft (GAFAM). Es muy buena.

Interesting thoughts by #CERN regarding #sustainable #software procurement:

"When CERN opens a procurement process for #OpenSource software, its evaluation criteria include the #size of the open source community, the #CommercialSupport for the solution's distribution, and its #GovernanceModel. The evaluation of these criteria ensures that CERN is using a sustainable open source software in the long-term."

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