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Would you like to see Tails to run on mobile phones such as the #PinePhone?
(boost also counts as a yes)

What's Tails?
Tails a portable operating system that protects your privacy and helps you avoid censorship.

Ditto, Brave: they may not see what you’re browsing but they make money by allowing insight of your behaviour to be used to manipulate you.

Privacy exists to protect the weak from manipulation by the powerful. Manipulation by proxy is still manipulation.

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Be aware of the apps your kids use & how their data is being handled.

“For years, TikTok ignored the children’s privacy law, thereby ensnaring perhaps millions of underage children in its marketing apparatus, & putting them at risk of sexual predation.”

Well it took over a year but we managed to get Google Fonts removed from the Mozilla Rust project. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this.

Devs don’t let devs add surveillance to their tools.


Signal to move away from using phone numbers as user IDs

Signal launches profile PINs, the first step in supporting Signal user accounts that are not tied to phone numbers. #privacy

So, last year I graduated from uni with a degree in philosophy. To celebrate, I put together this meme to sum up what I've learned.

In this panel, Christopher Lemmer Webber discusses ActivityPub's server-to-client and server-to-server protocols, and how they could be used to allow people to use a single account to log in to many Fediverse clients. This seems like an immensely useful feature, that could offer enough ease of use to entice people to join the Fediverse. Are there projects working on this?

Relevant discussion starts at minute 24:00:
#fediverse #foss #activitypub

We’re incredibly excited to welcome, creators of, to the Matrix ecosystem with a strategic investment of ~$5M into to support Matrix development and embrace decentralisation! Read all about it at 🎉🎊😱🚀


Automattic pumps $4.6M into New Vector to help grow Matrix, an open, decentralized comms ecosystem by


⛔ Incognito mode and private tabs don't make your browsing activity private, despite misleading language.

Your ISP and anybody watching your connection will still see the sites you visit.

Get real privacy: use Tor Browser.

Munich's flip-flop back to open source is the latest sign of Germany's political sea change over proprietary software. Linux, not Windows: Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source - again?

Siguiendo @PleaseCaption cada vez que publiques una imagen en #fediverse sin descripcion te avisará para que lo hagas y facilites la accesibilidad a personas que emplean asistentes de lectura como personas con diversidad visual. Moola mucho. Hagamos la web más accesible. Pero de verdad 😍

The HOPE 2020 conference is going entirely online, from July 25 through August 2, 2020. Email your talk proposal to

#SabíasQué Frances Allen fue la primera mujer en ser nombrada IBM Fellow.

También fue la primera mujer en ganar el premio Turing considerado el Nobel de las Ciencias de la Computación. #20May

Google memories (1/x) 

y'all going to laugh, but I really believed it. I drank the kool-aid. this was the mid-00s, a tech company with a motto "don't be evil" still felt daring rather than cringe – for an alienated techie like past me, at least; my politically aware friends tried to warn me; but I didn't realise that Google leveraged its fine-tuned advertising machinery also for recruiting, and I swallowed the whole thing.

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