Only 3 DAYS LEFT to sign our #ManagedbyBots petition and help @privacyint, @WorkerInfoX @ADCUnion fight against the use of ‘productivity tech’ utilised by many employers.


Linux folks – remember to update your systems (elementary OS: run Operating System Updates from AppCenter or sudo apt update from Terminal) to fix Polkit vulnerability.

#linux #security #polkit

📢 Our first ever job ad!

We're looking for an infrastructure / site reliability engineer to join our independent open source project, evolve our system architecture and help us degoogle even more websites 🥳

Not long ago, someone asked me why dictionaries for text to speech are a bad idea. During MacOS software update:

What you see: Preparing macOS Monterey 12.2…

What you hear: Preparing macOS Monterey the second of December…

There is often no way to disable dictionaries, so many of us still use Foobar 2000 volt 1.2.6 (v1.2.6), measure ram in miles (Mi), or pay nine-one-one euros in a store (911). Welcome to modern accessibility, where people who never use the technology they develop try to guess what you need.

I’m constantly shocked at how many anti corporate, privacy and even anarchist organisations publish all of their content and communications on FB, Twitter, YouTube etc.

I understand they are trying to increase their reach to the largest possible audience but at least give options for those of us who try to avoid this platforms.

We’re thrilled to announce that our #Fairphone 4 has been nominated as a finalist for the 2022 Global Mobile Awards ( in the Disruptive Device Innovation category. 📱💥

#mwc22 #fairphone4 #glomo

Does anybody know a Fediverse instance dedicated to teachers? In I have found some, but maybe there is one dedicated to them only, without researchers on the mix ;)

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Hi there! I'm reading Failure to Disrupt: Why Technology Alone Can’t Transform Education, by Justin Reich, and one of the things that he says about successful startups is that they build a nice community of teachers willing to improve their pedagogical methods through technology.

This is basically the same @torproject's founder Roger Dingledine answered me in a recent Q&A session about advice to academics looking to start their own business on privacy.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have lunch with Anne-Marie Descôtes the Ambassador of France to Germany at the Embassy. We discussed Open Source, Digital Sovereignty and the agenda of the French EU presidency.

Spread the word: WE ARE HIRING!

We're recruiting a new Technology Officer!

This is an exciting opportunity to join us to explore the role technology plays in data exploitation and how to protect people.

Full job advert available here:

This week I read Cappelen & Dever's recent book 'Making AI Intelligible', about applying ideas from philosophy of language to the question of whether artificial intelligences say and mean things. :OpenAccess:

fyi: 20,000 grant on "AI Anarchies" 

"AI Anarchies is a call for proposals open to artists in any field who work with AI as a topic and/or AI technologies in the broadest sense. The project seeks artists that contribute to the debate on AI and ethics through conceptual and aesthetically compelling forms. AI Anarchies invites artistic, speculative, and/or technical practices and interventions that articulate and challenge approaches to power and ethics in the emergence of AI. It proposes artistic resistance through subjective and political actions and creative acts. Small AI, disobedient AI, unimaginable AI, counter AI, tricky AI, risky AI, fantasy AI, playful AI, mischievous AI, emotional AI, affective AI, or no AI at all could all be roads to AI Anarchies."

OnionShare 2.5 is out! This version fixes all the security issues found in a comprehensive security audit, and also improves censorship circumvention

Vulnerabilities the pen testers found:
- 0 critical
- 0 high
- 2 elevated
- 3 moderate
- 4 low

Huge thanks to Radically Open Security for bug hunting and OTF's Red Team Labs for paying for it.

You can read the complete penetration test report here:

LEAP (open source VPN with focus on censorship circumvention) is hiring engineering contractors (p/t; $40/hour; fully remote):

“New billionaire minted every 26 hours, as inequality contributes to the death of one person every four seconds

The world’s ten richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion —at a rate of $15,000 per second or $1.3 billion a day— during the first two years of a pandemic that has seen the incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall and over 160 million more people forced into poverty.” – Oxfam

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Are you looking for a European alternative to Google Analytics?

We're Plausible 🇪🇺

Incorporated in Estonia
Based in Estonia and Belgium
All visitor data is exclusively processed by EU-owned servers and cloud infrastructure
Your site data never leaves the EU

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we're now hiring our first full-time UX Designer. I'm the hiring manager for this role, so HMU if you have questions.

This person will work closely with the SecureDrop team (open source whistleblower submission system) & other teams at FPF.

It's a fully remote gig. We're a US-based org; international applicants are very welcome, but we do ask for some time zone overlap for real-time collaboration -- see the posting for more details.

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Austrian DPA: Use of #GoogleAnalyticy violates #GDPR and #SchremsII ruling by CJEU. "Supplementary Measures" by Google not sufficient to overcome @NSAGov surveillance (#FISA702 / EO12.333).

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