Los últimos 2 meses (Agosto y Septiembre), el proyecto ha recibido aproximadamente 250 € en donaciones.

Una absoluta barbaridad el apoyo que nos estáis brindando para seguir adelante con el proyecto y para mantenerlo!

#NoGAFAMDonaciones #Gracias

ooh, found this:


"Keeping Up with the Technologies: Distressed Journalistic Labor in the Pursuit of “Shiny” Technologies"

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Journalism studies scholars:

Do you have any recommended articles examining how journalists cover technology? Not how journalists *use* technology, but about the "technology beat"?

It’s time to break our broken phone habit. 📱💥

What if your next phone could last 10 years?

Check out the #10YearPhone powered by @R2REurope@twitter.com 🙌

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Are you ready to say hello to the next generation of smartphones 👋 and bye to throw-away products?

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My advisor gave me this little list of questions for research when I started working with him, and I've kept it pinned up in my office space ever since. It's surprisingly relevant, even outside academic research.

Yes, it is possible to have peace of mind by doing what you planned today. No, it is not necessary to extend yourself until you can no longer breath in order to do ever more stuff.

If I can finish my tasks today and be happy, I don't need to procrastinate because "I will never finish anyway".

@protonmail gave up metadata to cops that lead to an arrest. As a result they changed their false advertising that they do not log IP addresses when indeed they did and do. Very sad about the arrested person (apparently a climate activist) and fuckin annoyed I'm going to have to change my email service. In the meantime if you use Protonmail and want to be truly anonymous use @torproject wired.com/story/protonmail-ame

#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg again – today with 75 updates and 7 new apps:

* Brethap: control breathing while meditating
* Buses: GB bus times
* CoronaCheck: official Dutch declaration app
* Scanner: official Dutch scanner developed
* Flym DecSync: Sync RSS without a server
* News Reader: minimalistic RSS reader with TTS support
* Subtracks: streaming app for Subsonic-API-compatible servers

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

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#Copenhagen has invested around 280 million euro in bike infrastructure in the last 10 years or so. That’s about the same cost as one 3 km bypass north of the city for cars. So you can choose…what would you rather have?” — @mortenkabell@twitter.com, via @colvilleandersn@twitter.com #CityMakingMath

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“The massive destruction of privacy is a social harm. Don‘t accept the inevitability of surveillance-based data extraction but outlaw it!”, calls @shoshanazuboff@twitter.com on EU lawmakers.

If the police seize your phone during a protest, they can gain access to your location data. 📍🗺

Visit our Free to Protest guide to help you understand how police use technologies at protests🪧
pvcy.org/freetoprotest #FreeToProtest

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I cynically suspect that by publishing and supporting extremely complex open source dev and infra tools, the tech giants are actively stifling competition, because only those BigCorps have teams large enough to use them.

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@how As promised, here is the link! -> nlnet.nl/events/20210907/Webin All the relevant info needed on this freely accessible webinar next Tuesday (Sep 7 at 10 CEST) about open source community building and engagement. Intended for projects funded by @NGIZero, but of course free to join for everybody! Also, no registration needed, just join the BigBlueButton-room (follow the link for the, eh, link). See you next week!

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hey #fediverse, I'm looking to create a collection of social sustainable VPS providers

some characteristics:
- green energy
- worker owned
- organic growth
- opensource
- NO hyperscale

some examples:
- webarchitects.coop/
- capsul.org/
- hcoop.net/
- iocoop.org
- greenhost.net/

please send me more!

Next Tuesday 7 at 10 CEST we have organized a webinar on community building for #opensource projects. Our project mentor @how will join Johanna-Mai Riismaa of Zelos to share experiences and talk about community engagement. Don't worry if you are not funded by us: the webinar is freely accessible :) Just join the BigBlueButton-room coming Tuesday at 10 in the morning (CEST). We will share a link here soon, the page should be up shortly (check out nlnet.nl and look for events).

No. Our ebooks do not use copy protection because it makes life harder for everyone. So we ask a favor of our readers. If you want to share your copy of an ebook you’ve bought with a friend, please do so as you would with a physical book, meaning that if your friend uses it regularly, they should buy a copy. Take Control Books


Initial applications for the Outreachy December 2021 to March 2022 internships are due Sept. 3, 2021 at 4pm UTC.


Just had someone DM me saying they got Google money for their NGO and Google might be terrible but taking their money doesn’t make your organisation bad. So I told them I could probably get them funding from Saudi Arabia and they went silent. I don’t understand… can someone explain it to me?


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