Has anyone bumped in to any concrete numbers over the environment impact of our usage of suboptimal software, eg js+web tech instead of native desktop apps, the power usage of crypto currencies, the cost of constantly brute forcing problems instead of elegant solutions?

Any data is much appreciated - it trying to write something intelligent about this.

LibreOffice 7.0 is here! And it's packed with new features - along with improvements to performance, compatibility and usability. Learn all about it, and download it: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Je vois ces trois services souvent utilisés dans l'administration publique : pour lequel vous paraît-il urgent de disposer d'une solution souveraine, voire #libre #opensource?

Sign our petition: give students #UserFreedom! We call on schools to drop requirements for students to use proprietary software to participate in a course, and to adopt free software replacements: u.fsf.org/34d

@pettter We use a bot to replicate our tweets on Mastodon but we actively monitor our mastodon account and sometimes post things only on Mastodon.

All in all it's a good deal to follow us here 👀

I just stumbled on this and it looks amazing: decentralized endorsement of publications!

Anyone tried it or knows of it?

#research #academia #publication #decentralization

🥁V1.6 of the Music app 🎵 for #Nextcloud introduces:
📝Support for playlists, including import, export and direct play
💿Album, artist details and navigation
🎼last.fm data shown in details
➡️And more!

Hands down something you will not want to miss! Sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to know what's coming 👉 : bit.ly/2LqhPpg


Just found out about @e_mydata. It's so good to see more and more privacy-friendly projects being released in response to surveillance capitalism.

I'm planning a phone upgrade for next year, they just made the top of my list.

#Privacy #OpenSource #Android #DeGoogled #Smartphones

Hey devs, please use semantic html. This is important!

When listing things, use ul/li! When writing things, use p! When adding navigation, use nav! When putting the main part of your website inside a div, use main! Please use h1, h2, h3 for your titles! Don't use table for layout, they are for data!

Screen readers users have shortcuts to jump to all those parts of your website instead of reading it from top to bottom. But it only works with semantic html. So please help them! :tealheart:

Sorry for posting twitter numbers here earlier, it just happens with cross-posting sometimes. We are really proud of our great Nextcloud user, developer and supporter base here at Mastodon... 😍 I'm sure soon we can celebrate our 10k Mastodon followers! 🚀

#Privacy does not exist without #security.

Please keep your software and your electronic devices up to date.


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6/ Speakers include: @nickspanos@twitter.com @BitcoinCenterNY@twitter.com @blockcentercom@twitter.com, @LocalBitcoins@twitter.com, @harryhalpin@twitter.com @nymproject@twitter.com, @JackGavigan@twitter.com @ZcashFoundation@twitter.com @ElectricCoinCo@twitter.com, @momack28@twitter.com @IPFS@twitter.com @protocollabs@twitter.com, @ara4n@twitter.com @matrixdotorg@twitter.com, and more.

📅 RSVP: Aug 22nd & 23rd

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DystopiaLabs/statu

We covered, again, the ECJ ruling on #PrivacyShield. Use of US cloud services for any personal data of EU citizens is now illegal! Start moving away now.


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