Today the European Parliament celebrates the election of the Commission president! Livestream below

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Exercise: Psych patients' new primary prescription

A new study advocates for exercise as the primary method of treatment and intervention, rather than psychotropic medications, within inpatient psychiatric facilities.

"This is what constitutes local meaning: people experience a sense of purpose by understanding who the recipients and beneficiaries are of their work, and receiving feedback that their efforts are valued."

Companies Don’t Always Need a Purpose Beyond Profit

Those lofty mission statements don’t do much anyway.

"By “local meaning” we mean that people find purpose in observing and understanding the direct implications of their job, in terms of precisely who it influences and how."

Companies Don’t Always Need a Purpose Beyond Profit

Those lofty mission statements don’t do much anyway.

"We don’t value things; we value their meaning."

The Best Ideas Are the Ones That Make the Least Sense

So elegant implementation of a neural network in Haskell:


Accompanying Source Code for the Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook - BinRoot/Haskell-Data-Analysis-Cookbook

Very nice podcast about what behaviours help CEOs deliver impact through their organization

Successful Nonprofits Podcast: Top 5 Behaviors of High-Performing CEOs: A Conversation with Kim Powell, author of The CEO Next Door

Very nice podcast on why we should start a new nonprofit rather than joining a big one.

Successful Nonprofits Podcast: Please start another nonprofit: A counter perspective with Sandra Pfau England

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