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Hello, scholar social! Here's my

I'm here from the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology dept at the University of Toronto and the Palaeobiology dept at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I'm a PhD Candidate studying growth and life history in extant and extinct cats, using both observational data (collected by others) and data from the growth record preserved in bone (collected by me)! See below for what a fossil Smilodon bone looks like under the microscope 👀

Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise

A medium-sized bird of foothill and lower montane forest. Male has bottle green chest and yellow from the back of the neck, both of which it can erect into elaborate ornamentation during the display at a court on the ground. Long, flattened, curly tail feathers reflect blue. The female is brown above and barred below. Male is unmistakable. Female Magnificent is smaller than female parotias and lophorinas, and larger than female King, and has a blue bill and stripe behind the eye. Male gives a series of downslurred “joo!” notes, a loud ringing “jip!” or harsh rasps.


Please make the rain stop! Fledgling Great Horned Owl at Linden Coulee Campground in Alberta, Canada.
#greathornedowl #canadaday #olympusomd #m43 #linden #inaturalist #alberta

Being constantly angry and outraged at the constantly terrible world events means that you have basic human empathy but it also means that you are being constantly traumatized.

Remember that you can't help others unless you help yourself first.

The data-intensive tactics used by those opposed to reproductive rights to curtail access to safe abortion care range from misleading websites to sophisticated ad targeting.

Here’s just a sample in a short thread, with tips on how to protect yourself 🧵👇

Bodily autonomy also includes ending forced sterilization, which is still legal and regularly ordered by judges in 31 states.

Turns out the broadly quoted human wet bulb thermal maximum of 35C was an overestimate. A new study determined in young healthy people, it's more like 31C. Not like we're going to put this data to the real world test or anything! *laughs nervously, sweats ineffectively*

White people have race
Cis men have gender
Straight people have sexuality
Abled people have access needs.

It's just that theirs are dominant and unquestioned in a way that refuses coexistence with difference, always elbowing others out while denying they do it.

:boost_ok:​ Requesting help for an animal in need please boost 

So long story short, a ferret i was only supposed to foster for a few days turned out to be in dire condition and the person who was supposed to claim her backed out upon finding out about her emerging health issues, so i find myself in possession of an adorable but ill ferret named Rosie. Instead of passing her off to another possibly careless owner I've decided to care for her myself. I got her into a vet and have figured out her medical issues (insulinomia, a type of diabetes) but it'll be a bit before i can save up enough to get her the meds she needs.

I've created a small wishlist of supplies that will help her and me here:

Or if you prefer to help with her medicine directly we have an account set up just for that
Cashapp: $laurendevalcourt

Corybas fimbriatus - Fringed helmet orchid

Orchids in the Corybas genus are fascinating plants: they have a single leaf on which sits a small single flower.

Corybas fimbriatus flowers are only about 2-3cm long, sit low to the ground and are often difficult to see. The species is pollinated by fungus gnats that are enticed to the plants by a secretion on the broad surface of the flower which serves as a food reward.

In my home state, the species pictured is listed as endangered. Flowering in May to July, it occurs in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

#Australiannativeplants #flower #flora #nature #orchid #orchids #nature #wildorchid #wildflowers #naturephotography #macrophotography #australianflora #orchidaceae #flowers #orchidée #OrchidsOfTheFediverse #florespondence

Green onion, blooming (white, big), next to blooming green cabbage (yellow) & seeds.
@plants #plants #cabbage #blooming #windowgarden

Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

I love the contraction "I'ma" because the "a" stands for "going to", two full words neither of which contain the letter "a"

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