Hello, scholar social! Here's my

I'm here from the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology dept at the University of Toronto and the Palaeobiology dept at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I'm a PhD Candidate studying growth and life history in extant and extinct cats, using both observational data (collected by others) and data from the growth record preserved in bone (collected by me)! See below for what a fossil Smilodon bone looks like under the microscope 👀

@ashinonyx Interesting that you've grouped #sustainability with "non-sciencey things". I've always considered sustainability to require a good understanding of science, even when applying the concept to squishy things like social science.

@billmania fair point - I suppose the second category may have been better worded "interests/passions outside my professional academic work"

@ashinonyx No problem. Sort of the "everything else" collection.😁
Maybe you can help me with statuses. I'm using #sengi as my Mastodon client and haven't figured out how to edit a status I've already sent and if that's even possible. Is your mastodon-fu strong enough to know if it can be done?

@ashinonyx histology in my mastodon?! Yesss, welcome and keep that scicomm comin!

@dantheclamman as we say in our lab: gotta cut 'em all! I'm excited to share many more pretty bones with y'all

@ashinonyx it was my favorite part TAing vert paleo, watching the students' minds get blown by the trippy light show :)

@ashinonyx welcome here! Great to have you and your interests 🙂
I hope you have an enjoyable time on the fediverse. Quite a few RStats people around here, keep an eye on the hashtag (you can pin hashtags on the desktop website), and we also hang out on Matrix if you are interested:

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