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Claws are made of keratin surrounding a bony core, called the ungual process, which is part of the last finger bone on each digit.

In cats, as demonstrated by this , the keratin sheath (right) is impressively long and curved compared with the bony core (left)!

Please enjoy this photo of Momo’s teef sticking out while she sleeps

This is brought to you by Toronto City Council considering a cat leash law.

Free-roaming domestic cats, on average, live to only three years of age. They also kill billions of native wildlife in North America each year. With proper care, cats can adapt super well to indoor living with supervised time outdoors. It's a win-win for kitties and wildlife!

Photo by 玲红 贺 on Unsplash

It’s been a while since my last but never fear! I’m back!

Clouded leopards are the smallest members of the Pantherinae, or “roaring cats.” Their canine teeth are notably long for a living cat and seem to be evolving to be getting longer. If they continue to evolve in this way, the clouded leopards may lead to the evolution of next sabre-toothed cats!

Feel free to ask me any cat questions you have - on or any day of the week!

📷 Frida Lannerström via Unsplash

Selfie, small kitten 

My mom and I went out to buy cat and dog food and accidentally ended up adopting a kitten for her, oops. Meet Cleopatra!

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Lions (specifically the species Panthera leo) were found in Europe until as recently as the first century CE. Today, the only population outside Africa is found in the Gir Forest of India. The Gir lions have a unique social structure and are highly endangered. 🦁

As always, ask me any cat questions you have!

📷 by Mika Brandt on Unsplash unsplash.com/photos/Ky-w1tFxEZ

I traded some loose-leaf tea for this book yesterday and I am so stoked about it! :yell:

Happy everyone! I want to spread a love & knowledge of cats with the world, so ask me your questions about - and fossil cats welcome too!

I’ll start us off with a fact: fossil have been found as far north as Oregon state in the US!

Thanks to Domenik Kowalewski for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁 unsplash.com/photos/ywSJq_iX9k

Occupational hazard when working in : gluing yourself to things 😅

In addition to studying I obsess over my cat Morrigan (Momo for short). She likes to hang out with me when I work and prevents me from doomscrolling by sitting on any and all electronics in sight

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I'm here from the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology dept at the University of Toronto and the Palaeobiology dept at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I'm a PhD Candidate studying growth and life history in extant and extinct cats, using both observational data (collected by others) and data from the growth record preserved in bone (collected by me)! See below for what a fossil Smilodon bone looks like under the microscope 👀

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