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Hi all! I am a Ph.D. candidate working with geophysical turbulence, shallow water equations and fluid mechanics in general. I am also a big FOSS enthusiast and I actively participate in a couple of Python related projects: , , to name a few.

I had to resort to :python: in the end, although I had planned to do it with 😢

So there was a big protest today by schoolkids who blew off school and marched in the streets over government inaction on climate change.

The Prime Minister has said they should be less activist and focus on their schooling instead.

I just saw this sign. These kids are great.

#auspol #protest #activism

Many when in cold climate will just stick with the initial instinct and what more are taught: Shut your jacket and keep all clothes airtight.
Well, that's not always right.

As my army trainer told us,
the natives of Sapmi have clothes that include a belt over the jacket which is normally kept tight, but if they expect long time physical exercise, they remove the belt to ensure the jacket drops from being short to instead medium-length and allows for air to circulate from bottom to top so that the sweat is allowed out.
If it's not allowed out while excretion is anyway heating your body, it will remain while you generate less heat and then it will cool you way more than "nature intended" long term.

That's why you'll find those "annoying" strings mid/bottom of any kind of serious winter outdoors jackets. Open them UP before doing heavy work.

USA, China, Russia, Australia, Canada fail to fulfill Paris Agreement goals. Leading to +5 °C warming!


Today something really freaky happened. There was a talk by a energy storage startup company guy, who ended up mentioning a thing about nuclear waste disposal, and how there is an effort to make warning signs last forever.

Yesterday, I had Y-Tube on autoplay and I just watched a 9 month old Vox video on just that

A classic example of Evil G's recommendation engine at play, spreading agenda.

For some strange reason in 's xterm.js based terminal has a huge latency. It does not happen with , but hey I am not backing down. Install evil-mode in emacs and we are good to go!

Want to know the why and how of functional programming?

Here's a great video for you.

Functional Programming in 40 Minutes

Watch this video. After, you'll understand lots problems with our computer keyboard today.
See also: Computer Keyboard Design Flaws

Hi this is going to be an official account for in the future #patience-please #Free #Libre #Open-source

#vimTips #TIL

Did you know that vim's `:w` command can pipe the saved buffer directly to a shell command? I didn't: in the past, I'd done things like `:w` and then `:! wc -w %` to count the words in a file. But I could do the same thing with `:w !wc -w`! Even better, `:w` can operate on a text object, so a command like `vip:w !wc -w` will count the words in the current paragraph!

(And if, like me, you use vim for tooting, `:w !wc -c` gives you the chars in the current toot.)

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I knew curl>>wget as a download tool.

Did you know curl can easily replace many :python: libraries like requests with an equally nice syntax to do everything like GET, POST, PUT?

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