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Hi all! I am a Ph.D. candidate working with geophysical turbulence, shallow water equations and fluid mechanics in general. I am also a big FOSS enthusiast and I actively participate in a couple of Python related projects: , , to name a few.

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Oh YouTube finally removed all the alt-right content?

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The new IPCC meta-report about a 1.5°C global warming is out [1].

If you are unfamiliar with this kind of reports, they materialize the scientific consensus regarding climate change.

Very very short summary about the new figures (expect more details as I read along the report).

If we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2050, CO2 emissions needs to decreased by about 45% by 2030 before reaching 0 by 2050 (very unlikely if you ask me) though carbon capture.

As a remainder, we can expect >3°C warming if we keep following the current pathway. As a matter of scale, the median temperature difference between the ice age and our pre-industrial period is also about 3°C.

Just read the abstract and headline statement so far, you can expect a more detailed review shortly ;)


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Being a hardcore user, I thought I would take for a spin. Well designed, I should say - but lack of enough handles for privacy and the resource usage due to Chromium based QtWebEngine was a turnoff.

Using -vixen in Firefox right now. Even some of the keybindings are similar.

Want to learn you some code?

This bundle, or some tier of it, maybe of interest to you!

From No Starch Press. Get #ebooks like #Python Crash Course, Learn You A #Haskell for Great Good!, and more.

#HumbleBundle #sellout #ad

This is really frightening. Scientists are worried about an U.S. program that pretends to use insects as bioweapons

Struggling to choose a for a publication quality line plot 📈which might look fine in . The quest naturally digressed and I started reading the official HOWTO tutorial on color palette.

Interestingly seaborn provides a dictionary called `xkcd_rgb`, immortalizing 's color survey results:

Hello everyone!

I am a philosophy grad student from Bengaluru (India). My research work is situated in philosophy of science and is about the nature of scientific objects - specifically about the objects in physics.

I am also interested in the relevance of philosophy for society and involve actively in several projects/activities through which philosophy is taken outside academics.

@codesections I use a file finder. Originally Ctrl-P, but now I think all my machines are using vim-fzf. These all enable filename matching based on partial name searches.

Just discovered the and realized that I have been using ale in / without realizing it is part of protocol. Is that still the best language server client?

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