Mastodon internal dev politics 

@skalman What I didn't do at my spare time as a child was to read poems, short stories and passages from English classics - which was done at school. Do they do that here?

Tech stuff: git and dotfiles 

Scaring away bad people 

It's #FOSDEM 2019 and you can join the fun remotely! Here are links to all the live streams:

the language of science and fiction 

@jasper Well why I think it is a wart is because in my example, if you use a integer variable instead:

>>> v = 42
>>> d = dict.fromkeys(("a", "b"), v)
>>> d["a"] += 8
>>> d
{'a': 50, 'b': 42}

It works.

@jasper Hmm, but that distiction of pass-by-reference and pass-by-value usually exists in C or C++. It could be possible that is what is happening under the hood.

Yes having keyword default as a list is known wart and a bad idea; but that is not the case here. Here we are supplying the "values" to:

Signature: dict.fromkeys(iterable, value=None, /)

@alexcleac I agree with you. The only reason I use VScode nowadays is for the reason you mentioned, and its vim emulation is really good.

Why does that sound familiar? 😅

(can't find the original source unfortunately)

@fatboy I would like that to happen too. But Signal and Wire are somewhat OK, neither of them are sustainable.

This puts everything together:

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