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Whilst #reddit is great, I'm really into seeing a federated #activitypub version being made.

You can help by giving $1 a month to #prismo on #patreon.


Message the creator on Patreon to get early access!


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TIL: if you use “share my location with this site” in Firefox, your location is shared with that site and Google:

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Trajectories of the Earth System in the #Anthropocene

Is there a planetary threshold in the trajectory of the Earth System that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization in a range of intermediate temperature rises?

#climatescience #HotHouseEarth #climateChange

Also the request was generated from their website. 🤞

@bthall : Thanks for the concern though :)

@kensanata : It would have been nice, if displayed who the admins are, without logging in.

@bthall I had my doubts too. I am assuming there are multiple admins there who take care of the requests.

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2018 was incredible for the Matrix ecosystem - huge progress in a multitude of projects. Take a look at and see what, Developer Advocate for Matrix thought went well #opensource #decentralization

@avolkov I didn't mean it was tedious, just not sure how anyone can verify it. The shell script internals are a bit too unorganized and obfuscated in my opinion. I do use shell script based packages such as , which tend to look cleaner.

@ChangelingRandy Please add me to Academia, Anime and Manga, Engineering, Environmentalists, EU Politics, Expat in Europe, FLOSS, Free Software, Functional Programming, Gnome, KDE, Linux, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, Privacy, Programming, Python, Static Site Generators, Sustainability, Technology, Vim, World Politics.

@Maltimore @bthall Both and community have done outstanding work, no doubt about it.

However the dependency resolution has recieved little love and is already implemented in C:

Unless they overhaul their API, I don't see how it would improve.

@avolkov I really should try pyenv, but I always hesitate to install it because it is a lot of shell scripts 😅.

@bthall That's correct. Tool: Use

I still use conda in my university workstation since I don't have sudo rights, and it is useful to install compilers like clang. Conda's dependency resolution is excruciatingly slow and can install unnecessary libraries. So it is better to use pip even while using conda environment.

Tools that I use to supercharge my -based :python: workflow:

pew: virtualenv
pip-tools: requirements.txt
pipsi and GitPython: installing CLI tools
pip-autoremove: "pip uninstall" package and dependencies

I am now considering getting pyenv and get rid of altogether.

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