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A comparison of messaging software 

In the time it took you to read this toot, planet Earth lost over 200 trees as over 3 acres of forest were destroyed. 😔🌳

climate crisis / deforestation / solarpunk 

Computer Humour 

Mozilla: We're going to block trackers!
Google: We're going to block the thing that blocks trackers

Hello! I'm a first-year PhD Student in information studies at McGill University in Canada, working on the transition of library systems to linked data.

I'm also an associate librarian at Laurentian University (currently on leave). In that role I'm responsible for (amongst other things) systems, scholarly communications, and digital preservation.

My other interests include ( is my go-to language), web dev, privacy, OERs, and procrastination via social media.

TIL: if you use “share my location with this site” in Firefox, your location is shared with that site and Google:

Trajectories of the Earth System in the #Anthropocene

Is there a planetary threshold in the trajectory of the Earth System that, if crossed, could prevent stabilization in a range of intermediate temperature rises?

#climatescience #HotHouseEarth #climateChange

2018 was incredible for the Matrix ecosystem - huge progress in a multitude of projects. Take a look at and see what, Developer Advocate for Matrix thought went well #opensource #decentralization

Publishing open acces as an independent scholar? 

Me, talking to new students 

The science are multiplying!

I don't know the lower left moon language, but I'll try to translate the Swedish one:

'An inventor living in some backwater
wrote to the patent bureau last quarter
"I've halted the flow,
made vacuum-dried H2O,
you only need to add water!"'

@switchingsocial I know you've addressed this in your FAQ but I really want to challenge not listing #Wire on your list of messenger apps. It's much easier for non-technical people to understand and use than #Jami / #Ring (I've got my family using Wire with me). Also, unlike Signal, Wire can be used without supplying a phone number, and they have plans to implement server>server federation:

Is there a simple, good CLI tool for converting between and ? The main thing would be journal/journaltitle and location/address fields, and maybe making sure that dashes are right and dealing with unicode. If there isn't, I might make writing one a quick new year project.

This would do the heavy lifting:

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