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Hello, all! I'm an academic librarian at Marquette U. I have two main roles there--supporting digital scholarship and leading the creative/communication side of the library's administration.

My work-related research currently focuses on the relationships between open access publishing and social justice. I'm also interested in languages, especially in relation to print culture. I geek out on visual design, early sound recordings, and learning how to use new digital tools.

Glad to be here!


We don't live in Milwaukee, but we have been working with there.

@bhaugen LearnDeep is new to me but what I saw in a quick look at their website was intriguing. Tuning into them henceforth.

They have ambitious plans that go beyond highschool that get into and STEM skill development in Milwaukee.


They're using a fork of our software, with a wonderful gang of MSOE students customizing it for them.

We visited them last year, and will most likely do so again soon.

@asile Cool! if you geek out on languages, visual design and books, have you heard of the Granshan 2017 Global Conference on Non-Latin Typography? I found about it from here (also a fun site)

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