cauliflower levels are currently severe

(97%) ■■■■■■■■■□

hey, y'all, what are your favorite readings on transhumanism?

Did you know that exists?

It's a new project where you can find people in the Fediverse and follow them by topic.

Also, you can request to be included. It's a really cool idea.

If you are new to Mastodon or you are looking for more interesting people to follow, you should check it out.

Small summons for tiny hands: A children's book on the basics of summoning.

Hello! Here's my :

I'm a by training and calling. Currently I am a manager in a mid-sized public library, and have previously worked in academic and special libraries as well.

My other interests include , particularly the Jacobite Database of 1745. For more information on , follow its creator @funkyplaid.

In my spare time, I write fiction and dabble in other things, all catalogued earnestly at

im gonna keep saying this until ppl start agreeing with me. the future of social media is not addictive. foss social media needs to make a serious answer to the dopamine loops social media is DESIGNED TO HAVE and raise the Significant Connection to dopamine ratio

fedi in its current state is so, so, so not it

"Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot."

take on me 

Feedback please: suggestions for Mastodon after the recent drama 

tfw you remember that literally all programmers used to be women until men realized that it was actual intellectual work and ran them out of the field so that 17 year old shitheads could make posts on reddit about how man brains are genetically wired for programming

Mastodon factions:

• genderpunk lefties
• botsmiths
• digital anarchists
• hardwerewolves
• solargoths
• cryptocryptids
• sparkle scholars


Ah yes, finally getting to those anthropology articles written by authors whose thumbs are thickly calloused from how much they flip through their personal thesaurus while writing.

I'm a fibromyalgia sufferer and was wondering if you know of any interesting new studies?

Hi all, I'm an experimental psychologist in the Anthro dept at Oxford. I study the evolution of culture, and rituals are my play thing. I'm interested in memory, action perception, belief, and development. Say hi :)

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