Hi to all :)
I'm a former PhD student from Italy. I left academic career two years ago. Mainly for health problems (probable meniere's and intrusive tinnitus). Now I want to try again to enter into the academic field. I study philosophy and I'm interested in aestethic of music and political philosophy.Tinnitus is very intrusive and prevent me to concentrate on my studies. Is there anyone here that suffer from it and can give me some advice on how to manage it? Thanks a lot :) :)

@atbash Hi!
I have tinnitus and hearing loss that affects my abilities to study, and I’ve found that what works best for me is having a routine for what background noises I use to mask it, and working in short intervals.
For example, I use a mix of pink noise and bird noises when it’s raining, and office noises for the first 15 minutes of my writing sessions.
I’ve probably got more tips, so ask as much as you want if you feel like it :)

@lilletale hi, thanks for your answer :)

I usually use nature sounds or music, but when I open a book I get very anxious... I think that my anxiety is worse than tinnitus itself. I would like to find the ability to ignore the sound, and not to use maskers, but if I think to "ignore" it I'm thinking about it anyway...

@atbash Ignoring it is harder than masking, in my experience. Tinnitus in itself drains you because it demands your attention, so anything that "distracts you away from the distraction" will, on average, cause you to spend less energy on it than not getting distracted.

We're also trained to think that reading requires silence, but with tinnitus reading often requires different noises than the constant noise we hear. That's not bad in any way, we just have to remember that we need a different soundscape than the average reader.

you don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but is it the thought of having to listen to your tinnitus that makes you anxious when you're about to start reading?


@lilletale "we just have to remember that we need a different soundscape than the average reader" --> that's so true.

Of course, that's the thought that I have to listen to it while I read that makes me anxious...

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