I have been ghosted by two professors that owe me money because I worked for them.

Academia sucks

need to dun former employers for $$$ 

@atbash unfortunately, that is common in any kind of contract work in the countries I have lived in

need to dun former employers for $$$ 

@bookandswordblog that's horrible

@Cyborgneticz things like these make me think about my will to return to academia, maybe it's not the best bet if I have difficulties to maintain a good mental health and to be resilient, also I hate exploitation.

@atbash I'm biased, but not being in academia has really made me realize how good it is to be respected

@atbash respect is a bit like a drug. I got some, and said "wow academia treats me abusively and terribly, I'm here til my PhD and then I'm out"

@Cyborgneticz did you found a satisfying career outside academia? I like the intellectual engagement of research but I hate the level of exploration and the miserable life you have to conduct

@atbash I'm teaching history at an independent high school. I love it. They support my academic interests - conferences are funded, my research time respected. I get to teach senior electives that are within my academic wheelhouse. It's really wonderful, and I'm around people who are curious! I always loved teaching, so having this position has been excellent

@Cyborgneticz that sounds lovely! In Italy the career of a teacher is less rewarding (not only speaking of salary and intellectual engagement) and it's really sad that schools and academia don't communicate, so no conferences, no seminars etc and no research of course.

@atbash I wish there was more overlap. I teach at an independent school so that I get the support and also freedom to teach fun classes (a class on neoliberalism, one of the American conservative women's movement against the ERA, etc.)

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