@Cyborgneticz that sounds lovely! In Italy the career of a teacher is less rewarding (not only speaking of salary and intellectual engagement) and it's really sad that schools and academia don't communicate, so no conferences, no seminars etc and no research of course.

@Cyborgneticz did you found a satisfying career outside academia? I like the intellectual engagement of research but I hate the level of exploration and the miserable life you have to conduct

@Cyborgneticz things like these make me think about my will to return to academia, maybe it's not the best bet if I have difficulties to maintain a good mental health and to be resilient, also I hate exploitation.

need to dun former employers for $$$ 

@bookandswordblog that's horrible

I have been ghosted by two professors that owe me money because I worked for them.

Academia sucks

This month my article about Adorno and Schönberg has been published. Since the journal uses the Creative Commons Licence (attribute/no-commercial/no-derivative) I would like to share it.
It's in italian only though.


Today I'm gonna examine the philosophy students at my hometown's university.

Gosh I'm more frightenined and anxious than them.

I really hope my papers could be published in a reasonable amount of time.
It's sad I have done so much in the past and I haven't a single peer-reviewed pubblication.

Working on my old papers reveals how bad they were

I'm reading on many forums that many universities don't allow second PhDs. It is true?

I have decided.
I'll apply for another PhD.
I'm tired of being uncompetitive and unaffiliated.

Anyone can recommend a good introductory book to Philosophy of Mind?

@mplouffe yes the problem is that my former professor kinda told me "I'm done with you, go back to your home. Nothing more to say". That's what I mean when I say that I'm very isolated

@mplouffe thank you very much. To be honest the desire to push reset button on my career is not secondary in making this decision, as I regret what I have done (and not done) during my first PhD, but of course post-docs is something I'm considering.

Hi to all!
It's a long time I don't write here. I didn't managed to publish anything in these months apart from a little paper from my thesis on a non peer-reviewed journal.
I'm really struggling about coming back to do research. I'm thinking of slightly change my field of interest, from aesthetics to digital philosophy/computer ethics and I'm starting to study again. Is it too strange to get a second PhD? My first one is really useless and I'm ashamed to show my horrible thesis.

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