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fuck jobs. i dont want to 'work'. i want to contribute to something useful. be an equal part of something useful.

I think that my obsession for tinnitus is far worse than tinnitus itself. But the fear that it can interfere with my academic career and my studies really disrupts me and make me feel miserable.

Today I talked to a professor about my situation and when I'm asked to send my pubblications I'm always overhelmed with anxiety, as I published very few papers...
I hate Academia but I can't live without studying.

Today after I finished smoking my pipe I began to feel dizzy and my balance is now bad... Maybe I have to quit smoking.

@lilletale I suffer from vertigo and balance issues, motion-sickness and nausea on moving grounds (like a boat).
At the moment I feel a lot better. But no significant hearing loss, so it is unknown if it's Ménière's or not.

@lilletale my motion-sickness wouldn't agree, but I like the image very much :)

Damn, it's so difficult to study if you are in the middle of an anxiety crisis :(

food, misinfo 

@amsomniac being italian I tend to say "nope" :psyduck:

Today is so cold that I wear a parka inside, while having a heater on my desk.

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I need money for medicine 

I'm supposed to take iron, but I can't afford buying iron bcause my temp job doesn't pay me until March :(

If anyone want's to help with the approximately €7 I need, I'm very grateful. My tip jar is but I also do text work and translations (DE -> NO) if anyone wants to hire me.


To avoid that I already called support to have an idea about pricing. My screen is not cracked, but its colours are altered, which is terrible for me, as I work a lot with photography.

But spiderwebs can be fascinating :BlobCatSurprised:

@Breakfastisready yes, Tinnitus Talk is definitively too much negative and depressing

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DH Conf announcement 

🗓️See you 15.01.2021, 5PM CET with the next 2021talk

Ritamaria Bucciarelli et al. "Smart technologies and digital intelligence"👇
Link for subscription:

@Breakfastisready it was you! I found your topic on the forum weeks ago. Evidently the anxiety is worse than tinnitus itself

Accidentally dropped my laptop... The screen is ruined. I'll never have the money to repair it or to buy a new one :(

Post-doc scolarship and looking for connections. 

Hi to all! I'm looking for a post-doc scolarship. I study aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of music.
Are there any research groups in EU (or outside) that are interested in these fields of study? Anyone here interested in these topics?

@lilletale "we just have to remember that we need a different soundscape than the average reader" --> that's so true.

Of course, that's the thought that I have to listen to it while I read that makes me anxious...

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