Hello! I have an account elsewhere on the fediverse but will be posting about academic things and my current research project here at

I'm an undergrad anthropology major in the U.S. South and I'm currently working on my honors thesis project

It consists of a survey about neurodiversity and the importance of online communities, and I will be sharing it from this account very soon! I'll also be posting updates about it and other research I do

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I've listed some of my interests in my profile, but they include neurodiversity and disability broadly, online communities, nonbinary and trans issues, immigration, and languages and linguistics

I'm also minoring in history and middle eastern studies and learning Arabic and French

I am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns

@bgcarlisle thanks! I've been meaning to make an account on this instance for a while but executive dysfunction always gets in the way



Executive Dysfunction is:

1️⃣ Subclass of Cognitive Disorder (0 references to backup claim)
2️⃣ Subclass of Symptom (0 references to backup claim)
3️⃣ Afflicts: Executive Functions (0 references to backup claim)

0 references are found on many Wikidata items so its very common. 0 references doesn't mean it isn't true. It just means nobody has taken it up on themselves to do the #tedious work of adding references to claims


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