I'll be presenting my work on online neurodivergent community based on a survey distributed here on the Fediverse at the Summer School conference! You may have taken the survey

If you'd like to attend my talk or any of the other excellent talks at the conference this year you can sign up via the link in the posts I just boosted!

My presentation will be on August 3 at 7 PM UTC and I look forward to seeing some of you there

@autistic_anthropologist This sounds really interesting! Would it be OK to share details of this talk with the Autscape community, who had their annual conference this week and some of whom would definitely be interested.

I ask because theoretically is only for folks in the fediverse. Thanks!

@petrichor well, I think the organizers of the conference don't want it shared publicly outside of the Fediverse but I'd be super interested in talking to folks from Autscape! I actually was looking for information on it in the course of my research and wasn't sure if that was still happening so that's good to hear that it is!

Maybe you could put me in contact with them? I'm happy to share my research in other ways

@autistic_anthropologist @petrichor if you want to share the link to the talk specifically + privately, separately from our signup form, you can do that

@cxli @petrichor ah okay good to know! I can definitely do that if there are like specific people from Autscape who are interested in attending

@autistic_anthropologist Yes, still going, though online only this year and last. Hopefully back on meatspace next year, but retaining more of an online component than previous years.

It was my first Autscape this year and I found it pretty good

@petrichor that's awesome, I hope I can participate next year, it sounds really cool

@petrichor wow I didn't know Autscape was online this year, I wish I'd have gone!

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