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Thesis + 

I passed! I just need to make some minor revisions and define a few terms earlier in the paper

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I finished my thesis presentation and now my committee is conferring!

I think it went well though

One of my committee members was like "okay but I'm so confused what is Mastodon though" lol

Like I had explained but apparently not enough

Honors Thesis defense 

My thesis defense is one week from today!

I am a little nervous but I feel very prepared

I can't believe its gonna be over and I'm gonna graduate soon though

Oh I'm so excited for summer school this year

I don't really have anything lined up for this summer after I graduate and now I have research to present and share!

You do NOT need to be on scholar to attend, present research, moderate, or help organize!

The conference is open to the fediverse.

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Hey friends!
Scholar is putting on the second
2Summer2School please follow the account @SummerSchool we will be posting updates from there.

If you are new to scholar - is a free interdisciplinary academic conference. Last year we learned about spiders, space, linguistics, AC, science, and loads more topics! We will be putting out an ask for additional organizers. If you have any questions please direct them at the @SummerSchool account

Being petty at NTs, literature review 

Its not like my job of criticizing them was even that part

Like for one section I feel like I could've just included a whole block quote from her paper and gone "lmao do you see this shit?"

Yes please tell us how celebrating difference and also wanting equality is a contradiction. I'll wait

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Being petty at NTs, literature review 

Y'all my literature review just absolutely destroys the neurotypical researchers who've written about the "problems" with neurodiversity

Like I'm reading back over it and lmao its so good

Listen if you didn't want your argument demolished maybe you should've shut up and not made such a bullshit argument lmao

Thesis Writing 

I need to get my thesis to my committee members by the end of this week and I'm kinda freaking out 😬

But my advisor said I'm in a good place and I can do it so yeah okay I can do it!

My thesis defense is officially two weeks from today

Paper writing 

I'm writing the body of my paper right now, and without the introduction, literature review, methods or conclusion I'm already at 30 pages...

And that's with me cutting some stuff out, like I don't think I'll even be able to mention the various models of disability in this paper

Anyway, for #actuallyautistic folks and all #neurodivergent folks, I cofounded a forum just for us! It's called Sol Garden, and is tiny right now and we would love you to be there!

Folks who have ND friends outside of mastodon, please do let them know about us!

Our 3 mods are all #BIPOC, and neurodivergent of course! Here's our Code of Conduct:

use #solGardenInvite to request invites, and a mod will contact you :)

#solGarden #ADHD #schizophrenia #redinstead

Research presentation 

I did get a microphone for it which is nice, but I'm not entirely sure where to record or if they need to see my face

I guess I could do it standing up in the living room but I'd prefer to sit and I don't have the best background behind my desk

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Research presentation 

The poster I'm doing last minute (due to miscommunication) for the undergraduate research symposium is actually turning out really well!

I have a nice color scheme and layout and it actually shouldn't be that hard to plug in information since I've already been writing it and pulling it together for my thesis

The thing I'm most worried about is the video presentation I have to record!

She also corrected a language mistake from our last meeting and asked about how best to talk about trans people so that was neat too

Sometimes I feel like I can't trust any cis people, but no some are actually good and not just performative allies

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pragmatics of direct quotes, spelling 

I know some people use (sic) and include spelling errors but I find that tends to feel pretty judgemental honestly and serves to draw attention to the spelling rather than the content of the message

Maybe that's useful when the exact spelling is important and needs attention drawn to it, but I honestly think it should be used much less than it is

It seems to mostly shame people for their spelling

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pragmatics of direct quotes 

I know that quotes are often edited or paraphrased to preserve the flow in an article and to provide clarity, but I also struggle with how much to do so

I think I am probably including a lot more direct quotes than people usually do for this type of paper, but I also think retaining the context of people's words and how they said things is important

At the same time, I have fixed a few small spelling mistakes that would distract from the point of the quote

Highly recommend this piece on Care Webs from Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Thesis progress 

Oh I don't know if I shared here, but I got a draft of my literature review done and sent it off to my advisor

Now I need to continue working on the bulk of my thesis and eventually work on the methods section and introduction

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