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siri how do i explain that i'm a real human person and deserving of life

i'm tired of people i trust(ed) & people whose activist backgrounds all say they should know better continuing to dehumanize us. people who've heard me talk about this again & again & never actually listened. i don't know anymore what i can even say because every approach has failed

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whore is not a misogynistic slur. it is not a slut-shaming slur. it is a slur for sex workers that sometimes gets used as an insult for civ women who have 'frivolous sex'. the insult is the comparison to us. being a woman does not give you the right to say it and having casual or frequent sex doesn't give you the right to say it. that isn't reclamation. it's still a weapon, & it's still used as one. you laughingly call yourself a whore & i hear every man who's fucked me with a gun to my head.

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hello i’m the language police here to tell you that all words are made up and grammar is a good-faith, best-effort sort of thing

i have made a Fool Decision and am only just now setting up the loom even though im supposed to have this tapestry done by monday at 11am 😬

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Weird how sex work is criminalized but being a nazi isnt

legit kind of in love with the whole "integrated cw as subject line" concept. so nice, so clean, so beautifully opt-in

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i understand people often have limited experience interacting with folks who have degenerative and/or terminal illnesses! i'm sympathetic. but, please, for my sake—i don't need or want your worry, your well-wishes, or god forbid your "i'm sorry"s. you can just talk to me like you would anyone else. a constant stream of pity is exhausting for anyone.

nothing useful comes of differentiating lyric and poetry from literature, nor narrative art, & frankly it's only dismissive 🤷🏻‍♀️

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hey there.

avia. postgrad medievalist interested primarily in the ASTt & pre-xian near-arctic, but that's sure not stopping me from yelling about eddukvæði all day. tertiary interest in the aurignacian EEMH tradition.

i'm blind/VI & a GED-carrying member of the criminalized underclass, so academia can be kind of a weird place for me. i also do harm reduction & decrim activism. for fun, i spin, weave, & nålebind; i have a wife & a cat.

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