New to Mastodon, and this server too, so here's my #introduction!

I'm more of a #poet than a prose writer, but I dabble in both. My poems have been published in a handful of mags, and a couple of thick books. essentially a #writer in my spare time.

Im currently working on:
🚀a #scifi epic
🌳ecopoems, and poems generally

During the day I manage servers and build #cloud infrastructure for clients, specialising in #devops, #terraform, #jenkins and all sorts.

Lovely to meet you all!

@wickertongue a very random question: any chance you know of someone who works with devops exclusively without a physical keyboard? 😁

@cregox ha! By physical keyboard do you mean a mechanical keyboard? The guy I work with works on his laptop keyboard, so there's one for a start - but I admit, I love the clack-clack of a mechanical.

@wickertongue @cregox not relevant, but I have a funny story about .

I bought one for an e-paper digital typewriter I'm trying to make, but my main laptop's keyboard was starting to act up, so I took the mechanical keyboard along to work.

Of course the click, clack stood out among all the not nearly as tactile keyboards everyone else was using—so much so that one person came up to me and said "it sounds as if you're the only person in the room who's actually working!" 😂 😅

@badri @wickertongue very polite person... if i would go talk to you about the noise i would ask to stop it! 🤣 but i rather just leave the area if i get too annoyed

@cregox @wickertongue polite yes, but also I think he was sitting quite a distance from my desk so was probably not so bothered by the typing 😜

I actually never heard from anyone else about the typing, so I don't know if they were all being polite, or it genuinely didn't bother them, or maybe they were so busy with their own work they didn't even notice 😛

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@badri @wickertongue programmers do tend to immerse in and ignore everything out of the computers.

quite an essential skill to have if you want to produce any code that do more than "hello world". 🥴
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