I'm trying to recommend changes and associated terminology to a JSON-oriented spec. One change is to define blank values (object with no user-defined properties, zero-length string or list, null).

Another is to describe JSON-LD contexts/JSON objects for which no values should be blank. That's not the sparse/dense distinction; "complete" is also wrong. My inclination would be "compact", but that's used elsewhere (in a less appropriate usage, but I don't want to stir that pot).


Pretty sure I am annoying the hell out of the other Blacklight committers lately, but the PR backlog is both an impediment to release and, I suspect, either intimidating or discouraging to prospective contributors, so.

After a couple of false starts: blacklight_oai_provider has a 7.x release! rubygems.org/gems/blacklight_o

Time for a beer, or a cookie, or a taco, or something.

The ruby oai gem has been released at v1.2.0: github.com/code4lib/ruby-oai/r

I joined the admin group recently and marched through all the open issues and PRs. We're now down to 3 small PRs for optional features and have resolved all the code-related issues. The gem is also running CI again. The community came through on reviews.

The blacklight_oai_provider gem is next!

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