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👋 Hello! Here is a short #introduction

Call me: Leo

Pronouns: he/him


Work: Lecturer in Geophysics at University of Liverpool, UK. I use maths + coding + data to investigate the Earth. I also make open-source software to enable all of that, including my teaching.

Personal: Brazilian, proud father, amateur bread baker, sci-fi & fantasy, been really into Smash Bros Ultimate lately (I play Incineroar poorly).

Posting mostly about science, coding, academia.

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What #career perspective for our PhD student in #France? Evolution of the number of researcher permanent positions in the #CNRS (as a function of the CNRS discipline code). #science

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Looking at emission you often have the idea we did not do anything about climate change for decades.

But what we did do was decreasing prices of renewable energy enormously and we have started serious growth; see figure below.

That now makes it relatively easy to do a lot, if we want to.

P.S. In case people wonder why we do not hear much about concentrating solar power (DesertTech) anymore: PV has become cheaper. (It still has the benefit of delivering power at night.)

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J'ai 2 principales missions au ministère de l'Éducation nationale. Participer à ce qu'il y ait plus de libre (dans les machines, les pratiques et les esprits) et plus de filles dans le numérique.
Alors lorsqu'un enseignant m'envoie cette photo depuis sa salle info entièrement sous GNU/Linux (+ affiches @LaQuadrature en arrière-plan) vous comprendrez aisément que cela me touche ;)

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> Afin d’aider le consommateur à s’y retrouver dans la jungle des offres « locales », l’#UFC #QueChoisir a conclu un partenariat dès 2020 avec #INRAE pour concevoir une #carte interactive, gratuite, et participative des magasins en #CircuitCourt

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Et si on programmait la fin de mandat d'Emmanuel Macron ?

Fin du Capes et de l'emploi à vie : Emmanuel Macron veut bouleverser l'Education nationale

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I like how "peer-review" concept is popularized now.

There is an issue though: the peer-review in science has all the same problems as maintenance work has in the software development.

Scientists are not paid or promoted for peer-reviews. In academic circles usually you praise people who do original research, not those who dig into the research of others.

And no one will give you a Fields medal for understanding what other Fields nominee actually did.


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Ecology and Behaviour meeting in Strasbourg, France, March 21-24th, 2022. Young researchers have the opportunity to present their work in a friendly #conference free of charge. #science #biology #ecology #animalbehaviour #behaviour #congress

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Stages chez BetaGouv :)
Si vous êtes intéressé par des stages ou quelques offres d'emplois n'hésitez pas à visiter bê
Il y a notamment un stage avec WikiCarbone 😊
#floss #environnement #sustainability

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#RasleBoldeBlanquer : nous voulons un vrai protocole, une revalorisation salariale, un réel statut d'AESH, des moyens pour l'éducation prioritaire, des moyens pour fonctionner, l'accès à le prime REP pour les AED et les AESH ! #StopAuMepris
RT @sudeduc69
#5emevague : Préparons la mobilisation !

#BlanquerDemission #RentreeDu3janvier #BlanquerMent

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Hello it’s my #introduction. I’m new on Mastodon. I’m a hydrogeologist based in Indonesia, working at Institut Teknologi Bandung. I also support #openscience and make #sketchnote. :) here’s a Christmas present for all of you. My sketchnote from the book #TeachLikeFinland.

Some interesting research about holidays :)
(my first cross-post I hope)
How does a vacation from work affect employee health and well-being?: Psychology & Health: Vol 26, No 12


Hello, I'm new on this instance. I'm a researcher in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I would be happy to discussabout , and related stuff! :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you

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