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It's "publish or perish," not "publish xor perish"

hey, my :heart_orange:​ android masto client, @Tusky , just merged the PR that will rickroll people on fash instances. I'm going to show my support by donating to them on , and if you want to support them & have the means, maybe you could too!

Idea: hand out bricks at Pride with a little rainbow coloured ribbon on them and a note that says, Exclude the police from something, it's Stonewall's 50th

My fist rare #Butterfly is a scarce swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius) It is very endangered here in Vienna. To help protect it I plan to plant more #Lavender and some dame's rocket (Hesperis matronalis).

@askosh @xinayder Yes, we listened to the users who aren't nazi-sympatizers.

I hope you can understand that we're expressing our freedom of speech and freedom of association here.

seeing obviously queer couples in public makes me so happy

i went on a run, made myself breakfast and pourover coffee, packed a lunch, and started on work stuff and it's not even 8:30 am. the sheer power i contain is riveting through my form. my eyes are smoking and glowing white

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Hey, are there any auxiliary language enthusiasts here, especially for #Esperanto, #Pandunia, or #LingwaDePlaneta ?


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Goodnight friends! Spectacular summery morning, slender trunks of birch trees mirror-bright in the morning light. Gradually an agitated wind rose up, & eventually began to tug a soft, suffocating blanket of grey over us in the afternoon.

Still recovering in a roundabout way I think, from our bold outing to the zine social. Felt more spritely while the sun was out, but still scattered & slow.

May we recognise the boundaries of what we can control today, & strive to work gracefully around them!

Shouts out to the Moon, that's some good stuff right there

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