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Personal limit announcement

The :NoAt: symbol means that a reply would be unwelcome, or maybe that there's a certain kind of reply that would be unwelcome

If you ignore it, I might ask you to have the unwelcome conversation you're trying to have with me somewhere else


1 noun. the act of getting inspired or overexcited about new projects when you should definitively be working on something else.

2 noun. The act of sweating about how unproductive your day was.

Source: my experience today.

MN Politics, police 

Guilty on all accounts. ✨

Photo of Chauvin EC 

Photo at the guilty, he really looks in disbelief

Guilty on one count.
Guilty on two counts.
Guilty on all three counts, ah ha ha ha.

can I get a "fuck the pigs" going on this site

I want to build a fort of books and live in that fort.

No reading. Just an academic and their book fort.

I finally got a new backup hard drive and was able to move a bunch of big files off my computer

My computer has been bumping up against the upper limit of its internal hard drive capacity for years

And I always underestimate how much of a difference that makes

Wow, it's like having a brand new computer!

Markov bot text 

DAMAR: Who are you to be getting anywhere with him.

there is no such thing as a "natural number" they're all made up

Watched an episode of The Twilight Zone

Looking through job ads for careers that allow me to yell THE STATE HAS PROVEN THAT THERE IS NO GOD through a loudspeaker from a high podium at the greatest number of people

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