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> look
You find yourself in grad school, hooray!

> look desk
Your desk is covered in papers

> look door
You can't see that here

> go exit
You can't go that way

> look long-term, stable job opportunities
You can't see that here

current paper i'm reading

"High-precision modular microfluidics by micromilling of interlocking injection-molded blocks"


it's about making microfluidic systems out of lego

like, literally lego

#heckin #science

The FCC is voting TOMORROW on #netneutrality, so there's no time to waste: take action to save the net! Read about what you can do here:

I'm approaching the end of my #undergrad studies, and I'm feeling like there's so much that I haven't studied yet. I'm thinking about pursuing a #PhD.

For those of you with (or still pursuing) a PhD, did you go directly from undergrad to PhD? What was/is the process like for you?
#personal #college #academia

Coworker trying to explain Hannukah to me: We light the middle one, then the one candle over here the first night, then two the second night, then three etc.

Me: So why do you use a Fibonacci sequence?

Coworker: ...

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I wish we talked about the energy used by Google's AdSense network the same way everybody talks about Bitcoin.

Might be a long shot but are there any native american activists on mastodon I could follow? 👀

The batman on the top of the display is different from the other batmans somehow but I can't put my finger on it

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what was the first statistical study that used project gutenberg as a corpus? (including nlproc, computational linguistics, digital humanities, etc. under the heading of "statistical study") for that matter, what was the first computational creativity project to use pg as a corpus?

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One of the coolest things about being older dude is that you just don't give a fuck anymore about the posturing you felt you had to do when you were younger.

As a younger man, I probably would just try to tough it out when I was chilly because BRO TOUGH and all that, but now? Fuck that, I'm getting a sweater and some socks.

Remember remember the 8th of January

Ah crap it rhymes for like every date the last two months I thought the good times would never end

@bgcarlisle Isn't it more remarkable how absent it is today? I mean, the nuclear nations still have enough weapons to destroy everything multiple times over, it's just that one of the nations changed governments (but for that multiple (?) other countries also became nuclear actors)

Re-watching old Twilight Zone episodes, it's remarkable how present the threat of nuclear war was in the public consciousness at the time

Boiling water and then forgetting to make tea: the Monday afternoon story