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Benjamin Carlisle ๐ŸšŽ @bgcarlisle

@RussSharek Subway Tooter is very feature-rich, but not as pretty as Tusky

The paradox of the paradox of tolerance: the more attention you pay to this paradox, the less paradoxal your intolerance becomes

ni'o lo cabdei jbobau

Lojban of the day

.i cinciznunsla di'ai ro do

Happy Pride, everyone!

My standard Starfleet-issue Earl Grey tea is running out :(

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New on my blog:

A sum up and an invitation.

It's about English Language Teacher development and a call to do some research together, open on the internet.


The milkweed are growing these bulbs now I guess?

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The present political climate should bring opportunities to those of you with history degrees.

@Sargoth Also, this sort of lack of critical thinking skills, bad argumentation and ignorance of the entire field of gender studies is exactly what you get when you de-value the humanities in education in favour of Marketable Tech Skills Only

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