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\[ \sum_{i=1}^{\text{hella}} \text{bad datum}_i \neq \text{good data} \]

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They published our paper today!

BMJ: Trials that say “maybe”: the disconnect between exploratory and confirmatory testing after drug approval

~ Is this a pigeon? meme ~

Bro is labeled "dudebros"

Butterfly is labeled "every problematic antihero"

"Is this a role model?"

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I don't understand content warnings. But the nice thing is that I can use them anyway, and I do, because I know they help people, because they've said so. Why someone would refuse to use them, I have no idea.

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In the past I’ve been like “god I probably shouldn’t post too much and flood the TL” and now I’m like “I will bring the waters and you will bring the ark”

@RobinHood #praxis

i don't know what praxis is, but i know that rat has it

You've all heard of ISO 8601 📆

But do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, ISO 3103? 🍵

One very bad thing about scientific papers being behind paywalls is that (competing) pseudoscience isn’t behind paywalls, so it’s easier to find misinformation online than to find facts.

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Private detective for hire

Need something private detected, but privately?

I will detect it!! In private!!!

* Private Eye (Come and ask me to solve mysteries! I'm not very good at it, though)
* Violins is the answer (Playing them, building them, you name it!!)
* Prognosticatrio and her 1,000 Prestidigitatrices (Weddings, bar-mitzvahs, we're legally barred from both in several states, best to inquire first)

~ Business cards ~

The research fairy, private dick


(The word "dick" is also a slang word for "detective")

(No really, that's a Thing)

You can have business cards printed with like, anything you want on them

You don't need a license or anything

📣​ PSA (Please Boost)

A friendly acquaintance of mine is a trans professor at Bryn Mawr college and is co hosting the first ever Early Modern Trans Studies conference (starts tomorrow through Friday).

He was super excited about me sharing on Mastodon so def check it out if you're near the campus or in PA!

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