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Dear hiring committee members,

Your insistence that you are "not hiring for any tenure track positions in bioethics at the moment," is an interesting opening gambit in our negotiations, and I applaud your persistence on this point after so many emails

My counter-offer, that you are indeed hiring a tenure track professor and compensating very generously, remains firm, however I am willing to haggle over the following minor points ...


The KPop stans are calling for reinforcements. There's been calls to flood all the racist fashy twitter tags like whitelivesmatter bluelivesmatter qanon etc. with furry porn to drown out the fash. If you wanna do your part and you're on twitter go to those tags to learn what other tags to use and then POST SOME PORN

police, hilarious misspelling in the news 

thought y'all should know "mazel tov cocktail" is trending again

Clinical research interrupted by Covid-19 

I estimate that over 600k patients have been enrolled in clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn due to Covid-19

Two openings in my team at the department of , building free software for biomedical research. The job advertisement is only available in German language atm but feel free to contact me via pm of you want to know more.

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Backing up the aforementioned backuppier hard disc

To the backuppiest disc yet!

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LEETA: Quark is a lot of people, including me.
O'BRIEN: I'll get you ready. Like hell I don't.

dogs ๐Ÿค a siren
being able to sound loud

Harry Potter opinions 

The only thing good to come out of the whole Harry Potter thing:

Quidditch, the sport that was adapted from the books for real-life play

I made a lot of good friends, and it was one of the vanishingly few sports that even attempted to not be toxic

But only between 2009 and 2011

After 2011 it was pretty shit tbh

On manliness and hygiene 

It is such a gratuitous own-goal that the bros have convinced themselves that hygiene isn't "manly"

Boys, personal grooming feels good

The feeling of clean teeth, looking and smelling nice, having clean and moisturized skin, and even the process of getting thereโ€”these are some of life's simple and relatively affordable pleasures

Dear Corporations

Since Pride has been cancelled, I'm sure you'll be donating all that extra cash that you would have spent on parade floats and flyers and whatever, right?

You did mean what you were saying about caring about queer people, right?

It wasn't just co-opting a social movement for advertisement purposes, was it?

Happy Pride, Corporations :ProgressivePride:

publishers sue the Internet Archive 

... I made a bloggy version of my statement here:

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hydroxychloroquine, AGAIN, -, first randomized clinical trial

FINALLY full evidence it doesn't work, strong enough to cancel the clinical trial. This is better evidence then the retracted metastudy.

saw a church sign on the road that said "Be patient. The lord isn't finished yet." Which feels kinda like a threat at this point in the year


Wow! Judge: โ€œIf a storeโ€™s windows must be broken to prevent a protestorโ€™s facial bones from being broken or eye being permanently damaged, that is more than a fair trade. If a building must be graffiti-ed to prevent the suppression of free speech, that is a fair trade.โ€


Snark about single-purpose vs general-purpose computers 

The failure mode of single-purpose electronics:

> It doesn't work

E.g. "Oh no, my mp3 player's internal disc is broken"

The failure mode of general-purpose smartphones and computers:

> Erodes freedoms, supports the police state, enables abuse, privacy violations; funnels money directly into the pockets of oligarchs who use it to destroy democracy itself

E.g. "Oh no, Zuckerberg's donation means he gets to set de facto healthcare policy"

Hey techbros

I know a few of you still follow me

Instead of inventing a new way to make me click an ad

Invent a feature phone that works with Signal

(:NoAt: Don't reply to well-actually me about your fave encrypted messenger)

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