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Don't bring propositional logic to an inferential statistics fight

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Dear hiring committee members,

Your insistence that you are "not hiring for any tenure track positions in bioethics at the moment," is an interesting opening gambit in our negotiations, and I applaud your persistence on this point after so many emails

My counter-offer, that you are indeed hiring a tenure track professor and compensating very generously, remains firm, however I am willing to haggle over the following minor points ...

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@dansup Hi did you do something about this? The notifications about the new non-approved followers are gone, but they still appear in my "followers" list

Good PhD supervisor feelings 

I have 839982 abstracts (1.7 GB)

Running my analysis script

Academic job search stuff 

Formal academia isn't for everyone; Strong language 

Student << I know you're not drunk, but you should be on drunk history. It's the way you talk and just like move your hands >>
Me << what >>
Other students << Yeah it's just who you are >>

Downloading every clinical trial publication abstract from Pubmed :pubmed:

For science! :labcoat: :goggles:

Academic intellectual property opinion 

@bgcarlisle "Sci-hub: Literally what the Web was built to do, so stop yer yakkin' about it"

Alzheimer's drug development 

Tech company complain 

FOUNDER: I'm content to leave the details of the solids, no matter how much you may want to. No changeling has ever happened in the Alpha Quadrant.
DAMAR: I'm telling you about? That ship will never survive without reinforcements.

ZEK: I'm just not as greedy as I say, or I'm going to need charity.
WORF: You are my par'Machkai. You know what I have tried to contact you for a few hours.
ZEK: She wanted me to dinner. You'll be back to running the empire.
WORF: I should not have claws. I know you do it?

What’s the advantage of living in Switzerland? Well, the flag is a big plus.

Fool kills himself
in despair
because a sparrow
has taken one grain
from his field.

Turns out that there is a general bell curve for sleep needs, but also genetics play a factor.
Like there is a gene where mutations on it will tell whether need less than 6 or over 9 (I need 10)

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