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Personal limit announcement

The :NoAt: symbol means that a reply would be unwelcome, or maybe that there's a certain kind of reply that would be unwelcome

If you ignore it, I might ask you to have the unwelcome conversation you're trying to have with me somewhere else

NCT03647696 Withdrawn. Reason given: Principal Investigator left institution and took the study them.

Friends we need mods! As of now we have 7 people signed up, and we have 20 presentations.

Please sign up if you're able.

They may sternly ask you:


And then you have to say "Ja"

Other accepted answers are:

* Was???
* Zu schnell, Freund

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Go to get your Schnelltest

Someone from the city

Will watch you and tell you

Just how schnell you are

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Markov bot text 

GOWRON: We'll be the saviours of the things I like about you, Captain.

how to get Roomba to stop leaving little Yelp reviews about how bad the dirt tastes

Youth crushes coins
to powder
with fingers.

hate speech, polyamory, social network, public presentations 

Will be presenting about hate speech on facebook against polyamorous people, and journalism. In English! Free to watch, no sign-up needed.

A Granny Smith so acidic it's like biting into a car battery

Doing some general career screaming

A little break from my regular world politics screaming

And my impending ecological disaster screaming

As a treat

Do you find that your personal screaming is being interrupted with work-related screaming?

we owe a lot to trans women of colour, don't fuckin forget it

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Oh you know

Just embarrassing myself

With my encyclopedic knowledge

Of bad sci-fi

As one does

Who called it "late stage capitalism," when it's obviously "workahol poisoning?"

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