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Don't bring propositional logic to an inferential statistics fight

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Whenever anyone asks me what my plans for the future are, I start describing the plot to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) and see how long it takes them to notice

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Dear hiring committee members,

Your insistence that you are "not hiring for any tenure track positions in bioethics at the moment," is an interesting opening gambit in our negotiations, and I applaud your persistence on this point after so many emails

My counter-offer, that you are indeed hiring a tenure track professor and compensating very generously, remains firm, however I am willing to haggle over the following minor points ...

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It's "publish or perish," not "publish xor perish"

Blocking people who jump into my mentions with bad faith questions trying to start shit

As self-care

dont speak ill of the dead is about not talking shit about your messy aunt at her funeral when she dies not about dickhead oligarchs

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Where First, Second, Third World terminology came from 

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A student came in to visit and talked about how excited she is to have a queer professor
I'm not crying it's fine

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Hypothesis: There is a level of wealth that it is impossible to reach without exploiting others in a morally indefensible way; and even if one could, the effects of a person with that amount of power over others would be incompatible with a meaningfully free society

uspol (+), kinda morbid 

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