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Personal limit announcement

The :NoAt: symbol means that a reply would be unwelcome, or maybe that there's a certain kind of reply that would be unwelcome

If you ignore it, I might ask you to have the unwelcome conversation you're trying to have with me somewhere else

Super Mario Bros (1993) was the perfect Mario movie

There's no need to make another

no matter what question you have for the universe, somewhere out there is a trans girl who is so much cooler than you that specializes in answering that exact question

That's not feminism, Pooh! You're eating neoliberal ideology!

Tories once again using the press to announce to the UK, and wider world, that no one will shag them because they're terrible human beings.

lets get into tea brewing.

"my most steadfast "make your life a bit more lush on a budget" tip is: get a vintage teapot and a not-matching vintage cup and saucer (all cheap on ebay/etc) and a tea tray and do a little ritual of making tea in the afternoon as the weather turns darker and colder""

Thing that I've learned:

* Library card ≠ reading books
* Owning books ≠ reading books
* Nearby coffee shop ≠ reading books
* Friends reading books ≠ reading books


A half-hour daily commute on the metro = reading hella books

All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

Selfie with eye contact 

@bgcarlisle You seem otterly joyous!

has worked
with ox thinks himself equal
to ox.

The real heroes are the ones who fav a bot's post but don't boost it, just a little encouragement for the bot


This came out the other day:

"This report argues that consumer technology reviewers have failed their basic nominal purpose of critiquing tools. Instead, inspired by values introduced by Apple in the late 1990s, the tech review industry prioritizes aesthetic lust as the primary critical factor for evaluating objects. The reification of these values in their scoring system is transmitted to consumers and manufacturers alike. Like other prurient things, the objects designed within this paradigm are optimized not for usefulness but for photogenic and telegenic properties, a framework that finds its fullest realization in YouTube reviews and unboxing videos. There, even the intimation of critical rigor within tech reviewing vanishes, the smartphone becomes the center of gravity, and manufacturers are even further incentivized to design products for end consumers who are less users than viewers."

star trek DS9 

it's kind of weird that each alien character is best frenemies with the top leader of their entire species, isn't it

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Markov bot text 

LWAXANA: I don't quite know what it's like to be ordinary.

I hate taxes

Not the taking of money by the government

Or actually paying it

Just the paperwork

I hate the paperwork

> the concept of file folders and directories, essential to previous generations’ understanding of computers, is gibberish to many modern students

I remember a similar panic about command line vs GUI applications when I was younger

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