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Dear hiring committee members,

Your insistence that you are "not hiring for any tenure track positions in bioethics at the moment," is an interesting opening gambit in our negotiations, and I applaud your persistence on this point after so many emails

My counter-offer, that you are indeed hiring a tenure track professor and compensating very generously, remains firm, however I am willing to haggle over the following minor points ...

The proletariat can have a little revolution, as a treat.

PSA: duckduckgo has !-keywords that redirect searches to other sites
!w - wikipedia
!g - if you want to be a heretic
!aur - the AUR lol
!gh - github
!wa - wolfram alpha

so to search wikipedia for the article on crabs you type
!w crab

if you set ddg as yr default search you can jump to literally all of the webbed site searches with minimal keystrokes :blobcat:

New version of Clinical trials viewer:

Now you can narrow your clinical trial search by indication as well as drug!

How to avoid drama on the fediverse (part 2):

Stop and think before you reply:
- Does this conversation benefit from my input?
- Am I the best person to speak on this topic?
- Do I have a full understanding of what's being said?
- Is that *really* what's being said right now?
- Do I know and/or understand where the OP is coming from?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, shhhh. has overtook my browser URL bar prediction over scholar.g** . I feel a bit of pride in that

LWAXANA: I didn't realise that you were wonderful. Oh, absolutely, I haven't caused too much trouble.
DUKAT: Tell him he has permission to pursue at maximum warp.

BASHIR: Whatever happened to me? We can't go against the excess electro-stimulation.

Important thing for all who can see this.

If someone confronts you on your racism or sexism... that means that they like you enough and trust you enough to hear and listen.

If they didn't think you were redeemable, if they didn't think you were worth it, they would roll their eyes and just avoid you. Block on sight, shut down in conversation.

If we confront you about it, no matter how bruskly it may seem. It means that we legitimately think you are better.

I love the chunky :emacs: scroll bars that are on the left

I'm guessing they got put there before putting them on the right became "standard," before the up/down arrows were taken out of everything, and back when there were still the white-grey-black highlights/shadows on most UI elements like in Mac OS 9 or Windows 3.1

Makes me think of possible other futures that we could be living in, and how things didn't have to be the way they are

super nostalgic for early linux desktop stuff

i wish interfaces would go back to being creative and detailed, or at least easily customizable

it used to be fun trying different desktops and being like "wow the window decoration looks really cool"

and i mean can you imagine how cool interfaces and icons could be using today's tools if everything wasn't flat and minimalist

I'm trying to decide what to do with a simple and tractable formal model from Dead Paper. It might work on its own as a letter but is more political sciency than economicy. And application to an empirical puzzle would probably take more effort with survey data on trade-policy preferences than I care to put in now.


I just walked past an allotment and learnt what brussels sprouts look like when they're growing, at age 27. I don't know what I expected them to look like but this has shaken me to my core

Science reporting grumbles 

Asking for career advice 

STI policy and anti-queer hate in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 

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