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Shopping list 

:ReBoot: Turquoise leggings
:ReBoot: Yellow and black knee pads
:ReBoot: Tall black boots
:ReBoot: Cyan and turquoise Spandex shirt (turquoise covers delts and pecs) with prominent segmented yellow shoulder pads
:ReBoot: Yellow and black belt
:ReBoot: Silver forearm cuffs
:ReBoot: Blue body paint
:ReBoot: Silver hair dye

✅ jumpsuit
✅ hair
✅ cat
✅ computer is trying to kill me
🔲 high top white sneakers
🔲 flamethrower

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Selfie with eye contact 

"Do we have to go? I'm tired"

me 🤝 my dogs

being extremely stressed out by the vaccuum cleaner


@anarchiv @bgcarlisle

I think everyone wishes to watch this.

Hello all! The name's Games.

I'm (currently) a medical student hailing from Canada. I came to medicine after a degree in comp sci and a brief stint as a software engineer

My interests include Emergency Medicine, medical technology Genetics, Infectious Disease, Public Health, and Informatics. Ideally I'm seeking a career that fuses technology and medicine.

In my spare time I do a lot of tinkering/making - 3d printing, electronics, programming, woodworking etc.

When I last posted my Star Trek paints I got a suggestion for Lily Sloane (Alfre Woodard) from First Contact

I also added Lieutenant Palmer (Dr. Mae Jemison) - Dr. Jemison was invited to cameo on TNG by LeVar Burton. She was the first black woman in space, aboard the Endeavour

I'm still so behind on the new Treks but I recently finished the 2nd season of Disco, and gotta say I kind of love it ^^

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

QC politics 


Québec Solidaire is white nationalist too

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QC politics 

The guest on CBC's Frontburner is really struggling hard to say "conservative nationalism" about the CAQ and not "white nationalism"

whoever called it a thick diagnostic book and not 


Anyone else on Proton Mail having problem with outgoing mail today?

Markov bot text 

GARAK: Elim wasn't my idea. Do you know me?

it's my birthday, give me some boops 😈

QC politics 

The only good thing about this election is that I got to tell a couple caquistes to their faces that they're white supremacists and watch them just walk off speechless

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