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So I really want to make into less of a "benevolent dictatorship" and more into something ~democratic and ~community-supported

But I have a couple "nightmare scenarios" that I want to avoid:

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Nightmare scenario 1:

We appoint a group of people to take leadership, and it's a bunch of rich straight tenured cis white dudes

Then Jordan Peterson or his ilk show up and they vote to change the Code of Conduct to allow him to use this instance to spew his hate-speech

And I die a little inside

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And for full disclosure, I am:

* white
* cis
* solidly upper-middle-class
* male
* Anglophone

My only redeeming quality is that I'm gay-gay-supergay

So it's not like I'm a shining beacon of diversity either

But I trust myself more than I trust the group of probably-straight dudes who will show up to assume leadership roles if the opportunity arises

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@bgcarlisle these concerns could be mitigated by establishing an instance-wide meme of stating one's identity characteristics before engaging in any conversation, so that people may make ready use of their IFTTT rules for accept/reject of viewpoints from groups that are never worthy of consideration.

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@bthall I honestly can't tell what level of irony you're on

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@bgcarlisle Sign of the times, my friend. It was deep sarcasm.

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@bthall Okay but that doesn't clarify

Deep sarcasm like in the sense where you actually refuse to accept that a person's identity is pertinent to their understanding of relevant issues?

Or deep sarcasm in the sense that you do understand how a person's standing could be important and you're just being snarky about the use of inappropriate technology to address it?

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@bgcarlisle Going down the path of the second route (persons' backgrounds are really frickin important) but with a lean towards the first (persons' backgrounds aren't important), for a combined meaning of (backgrounds are important but not the end all be all).


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@bthall It's not just background but also standing and motivation

Basically, if you're a straight dude who thinks he gets to debate the validity or existence of queer identities rather than accept them as a premise, this instance was set up specifically to exclude you

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