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So I tried using ownCloud a few years back and it was clunky and unusable

Is Nextcloud better? Is it just the same thing?

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@bgcarlisle I find it pretty usable, it's a bit slow but that's probably more a function of running it on an ARM board with 512mb of RAM than anything. I only use it for file storage, calendar, and tasks though. Not the new chat features or collaborative doc editing.

@bgcarlisle It's the same project under a new name; there was an acrimonious forking event and the name changed as a result.

Whether they've addressed your pain points, I cannot say. ๐Ÿ˜€

It depends which side you mean. The server works flawlessly for me and the desktop apps for synchronization have been very good.

The Android app is okay. I've been having difficulty lately with getting photos to automatically synchronize with it from my phone. I ended up using a different app (Folder Sync) to do that and it works fine now.

It's a lot better than I remember

Mind you, I'm only trying to make it work for myself, not a whole lab of people

But even still, the RSS reader might be worth it alone haha

Okay never mind

The RSS reader isn't updating

Sorry:/ I haven't tried to use the rss reader plug-in.

@ksteimel Welp, I just tried to upgrade Nextcloud, hoping that would fix it

Now it's in "maintenance mode" and locked me out

I take it back entirely

Nextcloud is utterly useless


@bgcarlisle I've been using it and the rss plugin without any problems so far, just as an alternate view point

Sorry you had that experience. I've never gotten that on the stable channel. Were you updating from 12 to 13? There's a command you can run to switch of maintenance mode.

Did you set up nextcloud to use a system cronjob? The default Ajax triggered cron doesn't have the ability to update the rss feeds.

@ksteimel Updating from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2 and using system cron (not webcron)

I found the file to edit to turn off maintenance mode, but when I go to the update page again to see what's going on it says, "Step 4 is currently in process. Please reload this page later."

Sorry. Did you find the solution about resetting the random string?

I can leave you alone if you want. I'm just sad that nextcloud isn't working out for you.

Delete the file nextcloud-data/updater-randomstring/.step

@ksteimel Yeah I did that, tried running it again, same error

I wonder if there's a log of errors from RSS, so I can at least figure out why it doesn't update

Yeah it may be due to the rss reader. My initial thought was that those were two separate issues.

@ksteimel Okay I think I got things running

I wish I had been more systematic about it

By the end I was just getting frustrated and trying stuff and tbh, I'm not sure what worked


Nextcloud: still needs work

Yeah it's still a little rough. Sorry:/ glad you got stuff fixed though!

@ksteimel Yeah I *love* the idea of Nextcloud, hoping I can get it to work out for me