Preferred method of payment 

🔘 Manilla envelope with "ka-CHING" written on it
✅ Brown cartoon satchel fulla simoleons with a dolla sign onnit
🔘 A classy briefcase handcuffed to a muscle dude in a suit with dark glasses, but it has those springy snakes inside instead of the money you expected
🔘 Lol bitcoin hahahaha this one is the joke option

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Preferred method of payment 

C.f. next time you watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1984), pay attention to how consistently they use the term "simoleon" to refer to money among toons

Preferred method of payment 

@dredmorbius Yeah, it's a kind of old American slang

"That'll cast ya 20 simoleons"

And I love how they used it in that film as if that were the actual unit of currency for toons

Preferred method of payment 

@bgcarlisle I always preferred the reward from "Piker's Peak" for climbing the Schmatterhorn of "fifty thousand kronkheits"

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