Thing that I've learned:

* Library card ≠ reading books
* Owning books ≠ reading books
* Nearby coffee shop ≠ reading books
* Friends reading books ≠ reading books


A half-hour daily commute on the metro = reading hella books

@bgcarlisle Train reading is the best. I almost wish my commute was longer, sometimes (though tbh I read pretty much anywhere these days)

@bgcarlisle Yeah really. I had a monster train/bus commute for a few years and I read *so many books*. I miss the reading, but I don't miss the commute.


There are a lot of advantages to having no commute, but I absolutely miss my previous forty-five minute subway ride because it made for a guaranteed hour and a half of reading time!

What helped me claw some of that back was to just schedule it in on my calendar to force it back into my daily habit.

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