~ Looking at electric violins I can't afford ~

Me: I like that one, but it would have a great Devil-went-down-to-Georgia vibe if it were gold-coloured

~ Further down the electric luthier rabbit-hole than I like to admit ~

Me: Wait

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* Fiddle may be only gold-coloured and not contain any actual gold

Btw, carefully note the year of the date on the first post of this thread

Still needs some adjustments, but it is technically playable haha

Once I've made a few adjustments, then I have some gold leaf that I'm going to use to gild the edges, because that was kind of the whole point of this project :P

There we go, final touches applied—the tail and horns now have a bit of gold leaf on them

It is now literally a "shiny fiddle made of gold"

@bgcarlisle This is honestly so cool and impressive and I'm proud of you.

@bgcarlisle Amazing work!

Like you say, definitely could be gold-colored. Even just a gold hint. :P

@mdm I have gold leaf that I'm going to use to gild the edges now that I know it works haha

@bgcarlisle i should hope so, you've got a fiddle with a backstory longer than i've been on Fedi

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