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@bgcarlisle remember when gtalk was xmpp and you could talk to any other instance...

@hurt138 They'll do that to Masto if they can, too

Remember Google Reader

@bgcarlisle google reader sad they ended.. but i dont see it the same as gtalk that started as a standard xmpp instant.

@hurt138 Google Reader was a standard RSS reader

They "embraced" the RSS standard

They made their reader the best product they ever could, even "extending" it a bit with some social sharing functions and integration with your Google account

Then they "extinguished" the whole damn thing when they wanted to pivot to their own social media, Google Plus

I guess in the end its the people we need to educate on open, privacy minded alternatives.

If I build the best boat in the world, and tell everyone to get off cause I want to make a different boat.. Its still my boat.

@hurt138 No my point is that admins of instances on the Fediverse need to be aware that this is a recurring strategy and don't give them a chance to do this again

Block them before they block us? I don't know how I feel about that myself. I really don't see them moving into the fediverse space and for sure not with open access to other instances...

@hurt138 Please read my original posts

There have already been attempts to commercialise the Fediverse

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