Scholar Social is an anagram for:

* solar, also chic
* crass halo coil
* a lass—rich, cool
* oh, a lilac cross
* local ass choir

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And is an anagram for:

* stoic nasal doom
* Oil Tom, an ass doc
* I'd toss-a ma colon
(you have to say ^ this one like Mario)
* a not-cool sadism
* lmao at disco, son

And is an anagram for:

* Space Bryce
* care by spec

And is an anagram for:

* calico slight
* gosh, ill cacti!
* chili gas colt

@bgcarlisle and is an anagram for

Nothing. Lol I wish I was joking, but you can’t make any anagrams with

@bgcarlisle anagrams for bgcarlisle:

*big cellars
*Sir bag cell
*I'll beg Scar

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