Masto meta; urgent 

The Direct Messages on Masto are broken in a way that is potentially dangerous

It has happened more than once that someone has tried to contact me in my admin persona about another user using a "Direct" privacy toot

And they try to talk *about* the other person

But Masto helpfully auto-fills their name, so now they're *in* the conversation

And suddenly someone who absolutely should NOT be in a private conversation is added by accident

Masto meta; urgent 

So far, in the cases where I've been involved it's been somewhere between "embarrassing" and "very unfortunate"

But it is not hard to imagine a situation where a call for help from someone who is dealing with an abusive user could suddenly and unexpectedly turn into a very, unnecessarily BAD situation

This happens often enough, and the feature that's involved is sensitive enough that this needs to be addressed, and SOON


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Masto meta; urgent 

For clarity, the problem isn't the auto-filling

It's that many people think they're only *mentioning* another user to the recipient of a Direct Message, when in fact they are *including* another user as a recipient of that message

Enough users don't expect this, and it is a sensitive enough feature that it is a bug, and a serious one

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Masto meta; urgent 

@trwnh It's not what new users expect.

Not all of them, but enough of them that this is a recurring problem on a small instance

And it's sensitive enough that it could put someone in danger

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