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One of these days, I'm going to just post all the pretty graphs I made that were eventually cut from the final versions of papers that I wrote over the course of my PhD

@bgcarlisle If you did them in R, I believe there is an online gallery somewhere.

@delibrarian (Have had extremely bad experiences with pre-print servers, tbh)

@bgcarlisle With the pre-print servers themselves or with reactions to having things in them? I've seen both over the years.

@delibrarian Was plagiarised by a prof at another school, who put up my blog post as an article under his name in F1000

The editors at F1000 handled it in an extremely unprofessional and unethical manner

@bgcarlisle Oh, ugh. That would definitely turn anyone off the idea.

@delibrarian I like the *idea* of pre-prints

I also like the idea that it not be amateur hour, and that there be some responsible adult with a spine who will do the right thing when they need to

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