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Weird thing

There are people who got too good at academia, and now their job is mostly to manage a sports brand

✅ You got your PhD hooray!
✅ You got a postdoc hooray!
✅ You got a professorship hooray!
✅ You got tenure hooray!
✅ You were promoted to department chair hooray!
✅ You were promoted to dean of your faculty hooray!
✅ You were promoted to chancellor oh no now you spend your whole day talking and writing about your university's football team in order to bring in alumni donations; you lost by winning

@bgcarlisle some people, i swear, they're such social climbers, so hyperfocused on goal achievement, that they can through all of that, somehow not learn anything, and do it just to write about sports and be rich.

@bgcarlisle I think it starts way earlier. Around the time you get a professorship your most important task becomes bringing in new money, then maybe teaching, and if you have some time, possibly research.

@bgcarlisle I'm not sure I'd count HoD or dean as winning... more like, 'everyone else had better excuses to get out of doing this'.

@mplouffe Yeah, to be real, I've had a bunch of "you lost by winning" experiences all through my academic path so far

NGL, it really weirds me out how US universities are so obsessed with their football teams. Like, isn't your institution supposed to be about learning stuff and not chasing a ball around a field while wearing spandex?


there are two reasonable points at which to dwell:

bachelor degree

associate prof (with tenure)

masters or full prof are acceptable stretch goals


Sounds like it's time to delegate that toto a secratary and get back to winning by suggesting impactful priorities!

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