Avengers 31: Cap 'n Bucky's big gay wedding!!

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Sub-subtitle: [Is somehow an obscene hand gesture to indicate that they are doing "it"]

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@bgcarlisle *Bucky, with a huge grin on his face, smashes a plate with a picture of the Hydra logo on it* OPAAAAAAAAA!

@sandrockcstm I would write this out into a full 2-hour screenplay if I thought there was a chance in hell that Disney would buy it

@sandrockcstm The lights dim and an unfamiliar voice says the activation words over the sound system

And as a brainwashed agent, he can't help it. His programming forces him to ...


[Partway through the dance number]

An older man with an accent pulls Cap aside and hands him a piece of paper with another activation phrase for Bucky and says, "This is what to use if you want him to absolutely destroy you tonight"

*Cap nods, awkwardly*

Older man: That's a sexual euphβ€”



Dear Walter,

Please find attached an unsolicited screenplay for "Avengers 31: Cap 'n Bucky's big gay wedding" as well as an invoice for: $ million dollar.

No edits will be required. I expect to start filming within the week.

Best regards,
The research fairy

@bgcarlisle Me neither! Clearly they aren't taking you seriously.

Have you considered showing up on their front porch to demonstrate how dedicated you are to the project?

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